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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - MAY 14: Jamie Campbell Bower attends Netflix's "Stranger Things" season 4 premiere at Netflix Brooklyn on May 14, 2022 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Here I am, I can barely apply regular makeup like a grown woman… and then you have makeup artists who can create the most amazing characters.  The visual effects are remarkable! The time and talent it takes to create such intricate details is something I will always be amazed by.  Like the Stranger Things Vecna Character Creation.  The creator shares what it takes for each episode.  Can you imagine?!

And if this video has you anxious for season 4, Netflix just released the trailer.  The new season, which is a 2-part season finale, will premiere July 1st.  Here’s the trailer:

And now you’ll find me scouring the internet for makeup tutorials.  Ha!