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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 31: Charlie Puth performs onstage at an interactive global eConcert live from the Yoop eSpace at Microsoft Theater on March 31, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Risky Business for Charlie Puth? He definitely stripped down for this one! In a recent Instagram post, Charlie is seen in his underwear, a pair of navy blue boxers. The caption simply reads: “Happy Wednesday!”

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From the looks of the first photo, Charlie is getting prepped for something as he relaxes in the makeup chair.  He’s rocking that face mask while his stylist curls his hair.

The second picture is the one that seems to send Risky Business vibes, with his loose button down shirt, boxers and calf socks. With a water bottle in hand, Charlie flashes a grin at the camera.

It was actually Rob Lowe’s son, Matthew Edward Lowe, who pointed out the similarities and commented, “Risky business vibes” on the Instagram post.

Not sure what Charlie’s getting ready for… as his simple caption gives us no context. But of course, he did recently release “That’s Hilarious,” so could it be for a new video?

Here’s a video from Charlie talking about the new song ahead of it’s release earlier this month.

Source: People

And in case you need a little Throwback Thursday to Risky Business…