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Every single day, I learn something new.  And often times, it leaves me feeling old. Ha! I’m definitely not up-to-date on all of the lingo, slang, acronyms, etc. I won’t lie, I’ve often had to Google what certain phrases, words or acronyms mean. And, honestly, sometimes I was better off not knowing (thanks, no thanks… Urban Dictionary!)

I’ve been out of the dating game for a while.  My fiancé and I have been together close to 8 years now.  So anything dating related, I’m totally out of the loop.  And God bless you guys who are doing online dating.  I’ve never done it… but it terrifies me!

New Term in Dating – Pocketing

Now the internet gives names to just about anything… and most of these thing have existed long before. So, when I came across the term “pocketing,” I was curious.  It’s a new term that’s come out in dating circles on social media, according to Distractify.

Apparently, pocketing can refer to many behaviors in romantic relationships, but usually it refers to your partner closing off part of their life from you. Things like… keeping you from meeting their family.

Obviously this type of action has been around forever, but leave it to social media to introduce a new side of it. Are you being pocketed?  One area this occurs on social media is your partner not posting pictures of you together.

Depending on your personality, that might really bother you or make you question the relationship.  But in other respects, is there a logical reason? Maybe they like to keep their private life private?  Maybe it’s for their job, your safety, or something else.

Dating Experts Weigh In

But of course, dating experts think pocketing could signal trouble for your relationship. During an interview, one news presenter even said, “Girls, if you’re in a relationship and your man hasn’t posted you, nine times out of ten, you’re a sister wife.”  Seems a bit extreme if you ask me.  But again, I’ve been out of the dating scene for a while.

Of course, pocketing is generally seen as a bad thing- suggesting maybe your partner is embarrassed by the relationship for some reason.  Honestly though, if it’s JUST on social media, how much does that make or break something?  If you’re still a major part of your significant other’s life and have met friends and family, there may not be as much to worry about.

Talk About It!

As with any relationship, communication is KEY.  If you feel you’re “pocketed” from a certain aspect of your partner’s life… just have a conversation about it!

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