I recently took a trip to Elbert County Georgia.  Why you ask… I have been interested in checking out the Georgia Guide Stones, also known as The American Stonehenge.  I saw these on TV a few years ago, and it peaked my interest.  The story goes, a guy shows up in 1979 and pays to have these stones erected, and made of granite.  He was said to be working for a small group of people that did not wish to be identified, in fact the man went by the name R. C. Christian, and that was obviously a false name. Some odd things surround this structure including the inscription that is repeated in 8 different languages and 4 ancient languages that resemble hieroglyphics.  The man was discouraged from building it, the builder even tried to claim new tools were needed and tried to outprice him.  None of the attempts were successful.  The man would contact the builder several times, and the communications always came from different parts of the country.  When the structure was finished, Christian finished the paperwork, payments and disappeared, without even a handshake.

I will say that it was interesting, however I had an overwhelming question of, why?  Why was this built in this small town, wouldn’t it make a bigger impact in a large city?  Why were the inscriptions chosen? Why build this?  It cost a lot of money and is basically in the middle of nowhere, and there is no method to make money.  Who was this guy, where did he come from, and where did he go?  As excited as I was to finally make the journey to see it, I was actually just left confused.  Could the guy have been a religious leader, member of a group trying to rule the world or even a time traveler.  One guess is just as valid as the others.

– Chad