Many iPhone users are experiencing a glitch that is causing ‘I’ to show as ‘a [plus a symbol]’. No one is entirely sure what is causing the problem or when it will be fixed by Apple, but the internet has a temporary workaround.

Here is a list of three great sites:

  1. Business Insider:
    This is a great video resource for anyone not looking for an in-depth tutorial on apple programming. Did I mention it’s a video? To check this out, click here.
  2. Macworld
    The iNerd in your life has probably already been all over this magazines break-down of the temporary fix, but if you’re looking for an IT DIY project, check this out.
  3. C|Net
    Want to know the secret website your IT guy is on while you are turning your computer off and then back on? It’s right here, and they have their own iPhone text fix tutorial.



Logan Eason is an iHolic in Augusta, GA.