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Aaron Carter, the 1990s pop star turned-rapper and actor, was found dead Saturday at his house in Lancaster, California. TMZ reports that Aaron’s body was found in his bathtub. Law enforcement sources told TMZ they received a 911 call at 11 AM Saturday (11/5) that a male had drowned in the tub.

According to TMZ, homicide detectives have been dispatched to the scene. Law enforcement said that it’s a standard operating procedure for homicide detectives to investigate such death scenes.

Carter released four studio albums, starting with his self-titled debut album in 1997 when he was only 9 years old. After his first album sold a million copies, Aaron’s second album, Aaron’s Party, tripled that number. He then became a regular on Nickelodeon.

He used to tour with the Backstreet Boys during their heyday, and his older brother Nick was part of the hugely popular boy band.

He transitioned into rap as his music career progressed, and he also appeared on Dancing With The Stars and acted in the Broadway production “Seussical.”

Aaron has had many drug issues and has gone to rehab numerous times. He was only 34.

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