A woman gives birth in her car while in stopped traffic near Richmond Hill.

According to News Channel 9, an early morning car accident on Saturday left traffic on US 17 at a standstill.  The three car accident left 2 people dead and 1 seriously injured.

While emergency personnel were working the scene, they had to shift gears when they learned Pamela Gaither was on her way from Savannah to give birth at Winn Army Community Hospital.

Gaither said they were stuck in the traffic and her husband tried explaining to an officer that his wife was in labor.  Her contractions were getting closer.  But the officer told them they wouldn’t be able to make it through because the road was completely blocked.

Gaither’s husband is an army medic, which turned out to be a huge blessing! He went to the passenger’s side of their vehicle to check on Pamela and realized the baby was coming.  He told her to push and helped welcome his baby boy, “Charles,” into the world.

Pamela and baby Charles are doing well.  Not only was it a blessing that her husband had medical experience, but he wouldn’t have be allowed in the operating room due to COVID restrictions.  Because of the situation, he was not only present for, but helped bring his son into the world!

Despite the terrible tragedy of the accident, a beautiful blessing was brought safely into the world.
Bryan County Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician Drew Davis said, “When I heard the initial call about the imminent birth I thought to myself, here’s a positive thing, we’re about to help somebody bring a life into this world.”


3 Car Accident In Bryan County Leaves 2 Dead, 1 Injured, And A Mother Giving Birth Near The Scene While Stuck In...

Posted by News Now Georgia- NNG on Saturday, March 27, 2021