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Mariah Carey - The fighting with these two apparently began after they dated for a short time, or as Mariah calls it, "hung out." Since then, they've referenced each other in many songs.

Morgan Carey, the estranged older brother of Mariah Carey, is suing the pop star for defamation and the intentional infliction of emotional distress resulting from the publication of Mariah’s memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, according to  Yahoo! Entertainment.

The lawsuit was filed in New York Supreme Court yesterday and alleges the memoir contains passages that are false and defamatory. Morgan says the book falsely suggests he was violent, including passages of an alleged “vicious fight” between Morgan and their father and him being institutionalized as a young boy.

In the court filing, Morgan also says it was “a betrayal and deep hurtful violation” that Carey disclosed that he was once sent to a kids psychiatric facility.

In one passage in her memoir, Mariah refers to him as her “sometimes drug dealing, been-in-the-system, drunk-a— brother,” Yahoo! Entertainment reports.

As a result of the claims made against him in the memoir, Morgan has reportedly “suffered extreme mental anguish, outrage, severe anxiety about his future and his ability to support himself and his family, harm to his reputation and his earning capacity, embarrassment among his friends and associates, disruption of his personal life and loss of enjoyment of the ordinary pleasures of everyday life.”

Mariah’s older sister, Alison also sued her for abuse claims from her book, demanding $1.2 million just a month ago.

Mariah claims that while growing up, her sister did things like drugging her, putting her in vulnerable situations with older men, trying to sell her to a pimp, throwing boiling hot tea on her, and attempted sex trafficking.

The Meaning of Mariah Carey was released in September last year.

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