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Lamar Odom was allegedly kidnapped recently.

According to multiple sources, including Life and Style, the former NBA star was kidnapped by bookies for failure to pay a gambling debt.

It is believed Odom owed around $10,000.

The incident happened in Portland while Odom was staying in a hotel with his girlfriend, Savanna Waldrop, and her toddler daughter.

His captors reportedly kicked in their hotel door and pointed guns at Savanna and her daughter — Before taking Lamar from the location.

He was transported to the home of one of the captors and held there for a couple of days.

He wasn’t released until his girlfriend paid Lamar’s captors half of the money owed, around $5,000.

Odom was not injured during the ordeal, but he has yet to pay the balance of the money owed.

Hopefully he pays up soon or else there’s no telling what could happen to him next.

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