Let me start by saying… I don’t feel old.  Also, I’m 35.  When I was younger, sure, 35 sounded old.  But now that I’m here, I definitely don’t feel old.  There are days I still feel like I’m in my twenties.  Until someone brings up certain things that remind us of our age.  And let me tell you, it’s like a smack in the face when people think these things mean we’re old.

Now we can thank BuzzFeed for putting together a list of things that if you did them growing up, they say you are “officially old as dirt.”  They have a list of 40 different things… but I’m just going to share a few of them that I can relate to.  You can check out the full list HERE.

Here Are Just A Few Things That Make Us Feel Old:

  • MapQuest

    Oh yeah… I definitely printed out MapQuest directions MANY times back when I was younger.  GPS wasn’t really a thing, and it definitely wasn’t in almost every single vehicle!

  • Home Phones

    I don’t know many people who still have a home phone anymore.  But back in the day, when you were mad, there was nothing like being able to slam that phone down!

    Teen girl talking on the phone

    Photo: Comstock/Getty Images

  • Push Pops

    Are these still around?  Because when I was younger, I definitely remember loving a Push Pop!  Did anyone realize back then that we were eating ice cream out of a toilet paper roll?

  • Playing Car DJ - With CDs!

    We collected a lot of CDs throughout the years… and had to have somewhere to store and play them.  The car was perfect.  You either had one of those visor CD holders or a binder full of CDs.  And chances are… there were a lot of homemade mixed CDs!

    CDs in a binder storage bag

    Photo: TimArbaev/iStock/Getty Images Plus

  • Channel 3

    You had to set the TV on channel 3 to play a movie or video game!  Back before the days of multiple inputs on TVs!

  • Manually Doing Things...

    Like rolling down a car window! Or rewinding/fixing a cassette tape!

    Hand crank, non-electric, manual car window in a dove grey color an old vehicle.

    Photo: Kara Knight/iStock/Getty Images Plus

  • Cassette Inserts

    I was always so disappointed in there weren’t lyrics in the cassette insert!  How else would I ever know all the words?!

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