I realized that it doesn't look very appetizing... Ha. But it's not always about looks, right? We're not here for fancy- we're here for good food that can happen quick!

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned before… but I like simple. I don’t make a lot of recipes that involve a lot of steps, or a ton of ingredients.
Some of my “recipes” are really basic- but good.

This one came about from my fiancé. He cooked it for me once, and it quickly became a favorite. It’s something you can add to, or take away. And it’s exactly what it sounds like!

Sausage Egg and Rice Recipe


  • 1 pack of Andouille sausage (we prefer the Ragin’ Cajun brand)
  • 6-8 eggs
  • 4 servings of rice (we use the 10 minute brown rice)


Cheese (Have you noticed I love cheese?!)

How To:

  • Cook the sausage any way you prefer. I usually either chop up and cook in a skillet, or grill it.
  • Cook the rice as directed on the package.
  • Scramble the eggs (I always add a splash of milk to make the eggs fluffier).
  • When the eggs are almost finished, add in the chopped up sausage and cheese if desired. Then mix eggs and sausage in with the rice.


That’s it. Pretty sure cooking the rice is what takes the longest.

This is a meal that I literally could eat my weight in. We usually make enough to have dinner and leftovers, but we have to portion it out before we eat dinner or else there won’t be enough for leftovers!

It’s also a recipe you can adjust as needed.  We’ve used leftover chicken or steak in place of the sausage, but to me it’s best with the sausage!

I made this last night, and we had used half of the pack of sausage for another meal, so I basically halved the recipe- 2 servings of rice, 4 eggs, and half the sausage.

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Let us know if you try out a recipe… or if you have a recipe you want us to try!

Photo Step by Step!