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11061186_10152630136687167_294266288313283115_nKris Fisher was born and raised in Augusta. Surviving his younger years in South Augusta by mostly cowering in his bedroom playing Nintendo, he eventually graduated from Butler High School (Go Bulldogs!). He spent his 20’s roaming the southeast: His first radio show was live 6 nights a week from “The Largest Nightclub in U.S.A.” Club LaVela in Panama City Beach, FL. After nearly two years of liver damage and throwing his common decency completely out the window,  he moved to Jackson, Mississippi and discovered that it’s nothing like any of the songs written about it. He eventually found his way to Blacksburg, Virginia. After discovering first hand that cheering for an ACC team is far less exciting than cheering for his SEC Bulldogs, he found his way back home to Augusta by way of the 95 Rock airwaves (R.I.P.). His homecoming was short-lived as he moved quickly to Corpus Christi, Texas to enjoy a south-Texas summer on Padre Island. With the start of HD983 in 2006, he returned home with the goal of becoming a hometown radio legend like his idols growing up- Dickie Shannon, Mark Summers and “Handsome” Harley Drew. Not including a year off to pursue a dream job turned nightmare, Kris has enjoyed being a staple of Augusta radio. With the exception of spending time with his wife and three kids, he enjoys nothing more than connecting with the town in which he grew up through his midday show and weekly column in the Metro Spirit.


Washington Post

5 days ago

Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral, Horrifying Her Husband, Who Had Paid To Have Her Killed

“Surprise,” she said. “I’m still alive.” Now he’s in jail.

The Falcoholic

6 days ago

Matt Ryan: “The Falcons Should Bring Back All-Black Uniforms”

View the FanShot on SB Nation.

Washington Post

6 days ago

Burglar Busted Himself In 140 Characters Or Less

The alleged spree in Northwest Washington included breaking into an apartment building where the suspect used a computer, authorities said.


2 weeks ago

The Walking Dead Scene That Made Lauren Cohan Want To Leave the Show

An awful lot of awful things happen on The Walking Dead in any given season, and some of those moments have stuck out as being that much darker than everything else. Such was the case for Lauren Cohan.


2 weeks ago

Kit Harington Drops More Cryptic ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Hints

Kit Harington spoke briefly about “Game of Thrones” Season 6 during an interview on BBC Breakfast.

Bleacher Report

3 weeks ago

Ronda Rousey Told to Show Her Face by Mike Tyson in Conan Interview

The latest MMA predictions, fight cards, results, weigh-in info, fight analysis and more from Bleacher Report


3 weeks ago

Star Wars: Episode VIII Release Pushed Back

Meanwhile, Disney also announced it’s pushing up the release date of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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