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About Kris Fisher

11061186_10152630136687167_294266288313283115_nKris Fisher was born and raised in Augusta. Surviving his younger years in South Augusta by mostly cowering in his bedroom playing Nintendo, he eventually graduated from Butler High School (Go Bulldogs!). He spent his 20’s roaming the southeast: His first radio show was live 6 nights a week from “The Largest Nightclub in U.S.A.” Club LaVela in Panama City Beach, FL. After nearly two years of liver damage and throwing his common decency completely out the window,  he moved to Jackson, Mississippi and discovered that it’s nothing like any of the songs written about it. He eventually found his way to Blacksburg, Virginia. After discovering first hand that cheering for an ACC team is far less exciting than cheering for his SEC Bulldogs, he found his way back home to Augusta by way of the 95 Rock airwaves (R.I.P.). His homecoming was short-lived as he moved quickly to Corpus Christi, Texas to enjoy a south-Texas summer on Padre Island. With the start of HD983 in 2006, he returned home with the goal of becoming a hometown radio legend like his idols growing up- Dickie Shannon, Mark Summers and “Handsome” Harley Drew. Not including a year off to pursue a dream job turned nightmare, Kris has enjoyed being a staple of Augusta radio. With the exception of spending time with his wife and three kids, he enjoys nothing more than connecting with the town in which he grew up through his midday show and weekly column in the Metro Spirit.



5 days ago

All the Hilarious Reasons #MyKidCantEatThis

What’s a parent to do when their child refuses to eat a clementine because he says it has “white strings of death that are choking out his will to citrus?” Stake out a space on Instagram and find other moms who feel your pain, of course.


4 weeks ago

How Often Do Your Kids Really Need Baths?

Almost every parent on the planet has the same dirty secret: Bath time doesn’t necessarily happen every day. How often do your kids need baths? Photo by Corbis Images. Almost every parent on the planet has the same dirty secret: Bath time doesn’t necessarily happen every day. And the good news is, skipping the bath every […]

Metro Spirit

4 weeks ago

Not So Funny Meow, Is It?

I feel like something needs to be addressed. It’s the ever-presence of cats. They’re everywhere! Cats in the street, cats in the window, cats in my yard making my dogs attack the blinds. It’s a cat-tastrophy! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Now, I’m not one to tell anyone not to have a pet. But can we […]

Metro Spirit

4 weeks ago

At the Controls – Kris Fisher

Since the day he started at HD 98.3, in April 2006, my daughters loved listening to Kris Fisher. As he churned out the nation’s top pop hits year in, year out, my girls made their way through grade school. If I was driving them around, Kris was on the radio. If they were listening to […]

Metro Spirit

2 months ago

I guess that Dad of the Year award is going to have to wait

Just when I think I’ve got things figured out. Just as I find the balance between work and daddy responsibilities, I find a way to remind myself that I’m still the bumbling idiot trying to figure out his way through life who has somehow found himself responsible for the wellbeing of three children. Who in […]

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