When asked about the muscle group or body part most people would like to be more chiseled… the answer probably won’t surprise you.  If you guessed abs, you are correct.  It’s not unusual to see many people at the gym knocking out some ab workouts every day.  Having abs is a goal many of us hope to achieve.  In fact, a recent survey found 31% of people would love to have chiseled abs.

The survey was conducted by  They polled 285,000 “fitness enthusiasts.” In the poll, they wants to know which muscular attributes were the most sought after. And it’s not surprising that abs take the top spot.  The “coveted six-pack” is the most desired body feature.

Photo: Gymless

As you can see from the chart, wide shoulders came in behind abs, with an almost 10% gap.  Other body featured include V-Shaped back, big arms, thick legs, and large pecs.

What Is It About Having Abs?

Apparently, it’s more than just the cosmetic appeal.  But let’s be honest, we definitely wouldn’t mind that!  But one of the study’s co-founders points out that having visible ab muscles is often seen as a symbol of “vitality.”  This is especially so with a society where obesity is extremely prevalent. And some see abs as a sign of financial status and self-discipline. We can see how that makes sense, especially in the self-discipline category.

Benefits Of Ab Workouts

The head trainer at Gymless, Pat Chadwick, reminds us that having strong abdominals isn’t just for the aesthetic benefit.  Your core is the foundation of so much of your strength and vitality.

Your abdominal muscles support your posture, your strength, and your balance and stability. According to, having a strong core can also help prevent injury, help with back pain, and help with athletic performance.

Working On Abs

If I had been in this study, abs would definitely be top priority for me too.  Following abs, I’d say strong legs and then toned biceps.  Those are my goals when it comes to working out.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been as consistent at the gym as I should be lately.  And that’s a big part of seeing any results – consistency! But after reading about these muscle goals… and looking back at when my abs were a bit more prevalent, I’m definitely motivated to get back to it.

And I could use not having time to go to the gym as an excuse… but there are plenty of at home workouts you can do with or without weights.  If you’ve ever heard me talk about health/exercise – any additional movement is better than nothing. Even if I don’t get to the gym, I still try to get movement in by walking on the treadmill or doing some yoga at home.

Now, as with any health change – diet, exercise, supplements, etc. – you should always check with your physician to ensure you’re on the right path for YOU! Every BODY is different, and we all have different needs.

Now, let’s take a look below at some at-home workouts I discovered online!

  • Ab Workouts

    Since abs are the main area most people want to target, I figured I’d lead off with these! The thing that has always given me the best results is doing ab workouts multiple times a week, with slow, controlled movements.  Also, what you eat will play a role in it too.  And you want to make sure to drink plenty of water too!

  • More Abs

    Somehow, I discovered DeliciouslyFitNHealthy on Instagram.  And I love to see the various types of workouts she shares.  In fact, I’ve saved a few of them to reference when I’m at the gym.  Now some of them do require some equipment, but I think there are still many great exercises you can modify!

  • Arm Workout

    Another area of my body that I’d love to tone up?  My arms.  People use to tease me about my tiny arms… so I’d love to give them a little shape and a tiny bit of size!

  • Legs

    Here’s another one from DeliciouslyFitNHealthy!  And while it does incorporate some weights, there are ways you can modify!  Or you could find items around the house to add some weight!

  • Full Body

    There are so many options when it comes to workout routines on YouTube.  This particular one is just 30 minutes, and it’s great for small spaces!

  • Yoga

    When it comes to workouts, yoga is one of my absolute favorites.  Most people don’t think it’s anything more than stretching.  But yoga is great for strength, stability, flexibility, and also relaxation and calming!  I found Yoga With Adrienne years ago, and have often gone back to her videos when I needed some guidance through a yoga session.  She has 30 days of yoga, along with yoga for beginners, and various yoga sequences for certain muscle groups or goals!

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