So, just being real… I’ve been in my thirties for a few years now.  And while I’ve heard people having major issues with turning 30, or having major shifts at 30, I can’t say that’s been MY experience. I wasn’t stressed over turning 30.  Nothing drastically changed at 30 for me.  It was just another trip around the sun.  Every now and then, yes, I do start thinking about my age… and how I’m not as young as I once was.  But at the same time, I made a lot of stupid decisions when I was younger.

I’m older and “wiser” now, right? Eh, maybe!  There’s still a lot to learn about life.  And your 30s still have a lot to teach you.

A while back, I posted about things to do BEFORE you turn 30. Now, let’s take a look into things you should STOP doing when you turn 30.

Well, not that you have to stop… but apparently users on Reddit say these things are not “cool” anymore once you are 30. So, the user on Reddit posted the question: “What’s not ‘cool’ anymore when you turn 30?”

And there were plenty of good responses… Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Alcoholic

    “Getting blackout drunk. Turns out I’m not fun, I’m just an alcoholic.”

    Agreed.  Blackout drunk isn’t fun.  And honestly, I’ve been sober almost a year now, after doing the 75 Hard Challenge!

  • SLEEP!

    I value my sleep a lot more at 30 than I did at 29. It scares me. I’m not in my twenties anymore but life is good.”

    Yep, I have a pretty strict bedtime these days!

  • No More All-Nighters

    Yup. I loved pulling all nighters as a teen and young adult. Now they just give me migraines and make the entire subsequent day hell.”

    What can we say… in our 30s, we like sleep!

  • Creating Boundaries

    Bailing on plans last minute. If you don’t want to do something, just say so.”

    Still working on this one… but we’ve all had things we didn’t really want to do, but we said yes and then regret, right?

  • That's SO Last Decade!

    Bragging about your high school accomplishments.”

    Pretty sure we all know someone who’s in their 30s still bragging about high school…

  • "Saving Money"

    Sleeping 8 to a hotel room to save money.”

    Oof… we’ve been there. But NOW? No Way! Remember how we value our sleep?

  • Noise

    Anything loud. I am finding that anything loud (voices, music, TV,etc.) is turning into Noise for me. I am surprised by how much my tolerance for ambient sound has drastically decreased.”

    And this one:

    I prioritize finding quiet restaurants and bars to meet with friends over fancy/trendy places nowadays.”

    YES! I’m not good with noise these days.  But not sure that I ever was!

  • Afterparty? No.

    Anything that is called an ‘afterparty.’ I am barely going to make it to the party, son.”

    Same… So relatable!

  • Other People's Opinions

    Caring what others think of me. You don’t like me? That’s fine. I live my life for me.”

    This is a work in progress for me.  Still a people-pleaser…

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