There’s a reason I don’t buy certain things often, because I know I’ll lack self-control!  It’s honestly better just not to have them in my house, that way there’s no temptation.  Well, maybe two weeks ago, we made a trip to Aldi, and I bought one of those things I don’t buy often.  It’s one snack I can’t stop eating once I start… and that is pistachios! But it’s hard to not buy them at Aldi, because when it comes to buying any type of nut, I feel like Aldi has the best prices.

Love of Pistachios

I don’t know where my love of pistachios originated, or when.  I know at some point in my early teens, I started making “Watergate Salad” that used pistachio pudding mix.  But aside from that, I don’t remember ever having pistachios.  Once I discovered pistachios, I wondered why they are so underrated!  I absolutely love them.  Which, I buy the roasted and salted ones… and I think the saltiness plays a huge role into why I love eating them.

So anyway, I bought this bag of pistachios a couple of weeks ago, and brought them to work.  I put them in my desk drawer.  You know, out of sight, out of mind.  But today… I broke them out.  And just like before, I can’t stop eating them!  I have been known to eat them til my fingers are almost raw from cracking them open.  And don’t get me started on the ones that aren’t open enough to get the nut out.  Drives me crazy!  But, I guess there are worse snacks I could eat.  Healthline points out the 9 Health Benefits of Pistachios!

I get to the point where I just have to put them up.  Otherwise, I’d eat the whole bag. I also do this with chips and queso though.  There’s this queso I get at the grocery store, and some nights, that’s what I eat for dinner.  And if I’m not careful, I’ll eat the whole bowlful! I typically think of myself as a “sweets” lover… but these salty snacks are addictive too!

So I decided to do a little search on TikTok about pistachios… And some of the comments prove I’m not the only one who can’t stop eating these!

Check out these hacks and recipes I found!

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