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Global Pop Superstar and godmother to Norwegian Prima, Katy Perry, performs at the ship’s christening ceremony in Reykjavik, Iceland to commemorate her first voyage on August 27, 2022.

With a music career spanning over 15 years, Katy Perry has some iconic pop hits. From her first big hit in 2008 with “I Kissed A Girl,” she had women all over the world proclaiming their love for cherry-flavored Chapstick. Perry’s music videos have since evolved, usually putting much thought into conceptualizing her fantasy videos.

Early Beginnings and Mainstream Success

The “California Gurls” singer was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984, in California. She released her debut album, a contemporary Christian record titled Katy Hudson in 2001, but it was unsuccessful. To avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson, she briefly performed as Katheryn Perry but adopted the stage name “Katy Perry” from her mother’s maiden name. A few years later, she was signed to Capitol Records in April 2007. The label arranged for her to work with Dr. Luke to add an “undeniable smash” to her existing material. Perry and Dr. Luke co-wrote the songs “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold” for her second album, One of the Boys. “I Kissed a Girl” went platinum in the US six times, and the music video has 275 million views on YouTube. Meanwhile, “Hot n Cold” went eight times platinum and has an astounding 1.1 billion views for the music video.

Perry has been an American Idol judge, is engaged to Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom. They share daughter Daisy Dove Bloom together. As a businesswoman, she owns several companies. She owns a non-alcoholic, natural-adaptogen beverage company called De Soi. In addition to that, she also founded her own record label under Capitol Records, titled Metamorphosis Music. The name got changed to Unsub Records in 2016, and signed singer-songwriter Ferras that same year. In 2017, Perry signed another singer-songwriter named Cyn. By May 2021, Perry signed Michael J. Woodard, a former contestant from season 16 of American Idol.

Take a look at our top 10 Katy Perry music videos below, ranked:

  • 10. Harleys In Hawaii

    We’re loving the old-school Disney animation of this version of the “Harleys in Hawaii” music video. Featuring a classic chase scene after the woman leaves her Hula and has her man hop on the back of her Harley as they ride across the island. The music video features a lot of connections with the Hawaiian culture as they go for their highway ride: they see a man getting a traditional tribal tattoo via kakau (hand-tapping the ink in with wood or animal tusk), a traditional Hula dance and making leis.

  • 9. Not the End of the World

    In this music video, aliens hilariously mistake Zooey Deschanel for Katy Perry, who just so happens to pass by her at the park with her baby. The two often get confused for each other — they both have dark hair and big baby blues. In the video, Deschanel is saved by her alien abductors from the Earth’s destruction. Making a deal to save the Earth, Zooey says she’ll play along and perform for the spaceship, throwing on a blue wig and wearing props from Perry’s other iconic music videos. After saving the Earth by unplugging the internet, Zooey gets on stage in a full-on space costume and lip-syncs to the song, looking pretty spot-on as a fake Katy Perry!

  • 8. 365

    Taking place at an international A.I. and robotics center in Switzerland, candidate Zedd is asked questions while hooked up to a machine. “Define obsessions. Can you return to normal after this study?” The monitor shows an irregularity and he is then asked to “Define love.” We see an A.I. version of Perry and six days later, she is suited up and ready to go for her “proxy subject test.” As she tests on a bear, her affection levels are too high and need to be adjusted. A.I. Katy learns how to dance and how to hold a conversation at dinner. Fast forward to day 118, and it’s time to meet Zedd for the “human subject test.” At first meet, her hug seems to be just on the border of too strong, but nails it. However, it seems as though he isn’t into all this attention and perfection and tries to sneak away from A.I. Katy. This saddens her at first, then she decides to take control of the situation and essentially holds him hostage. Day 365 marks the end of the test and the end of her trial.

  • 7. Swish Swish

    In the “most unwatchable, eye-gouging blowout of the season,” Perry enlists a bunch of celebrity cameos for the Tigers team (callback to Perry’s “eye of the tiger” lyrics in “Roar”) including Stranger Things‘ Gaten “Tragic Johnson” Matarazzo, Russell Horning, Jenna Ushkowitz, Doug the Pug, Christine Sydelko, Dexter Mayfield, Rob Gronkowski, Joey Chestnut, Molly Shannon (Superstar), Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, Karl-Anthony Towns, Rich Eisen, Bill Walton and Terry Crews. We love the inclusion of the song on Just Dance 2018, which plays on one of the stadium’s monitors. After Nicki Minaj’s performance, she gives the team a pep talk to get it together after a comical and embarrassing game.

  • 6. Dark Horse

    This is one of our favorite songs to do on Just Dance. Set in place in Egypt “a crazy long time ago, “Katypatra” serves up major looks in this music video, complete with pharaohs and people with Siamese cat heads. Our favorite parts of this music video are when she is on the boat with other dancers and when she is melded in with other statues. The cinematography for the video is top-tier, with bright colors of pink, blue, and gold. Having been made in 2013, Perry set the precedent for other pop artists who have used inspiration from this music video, with Doja Cat’s “You Right” using similar themes.

  • 5. Wide Awake

    If you don’t widen your eyes while listening to Perry’s 2012 hit, “Wide Awake,” you’re living your life wrong. The music video continues from her “California Gurls” music video, and as Perry goes back into her dressing room, the colors get desaturated as she goes goth for “Wide Awake.” Transported to a labyrinth wearing a witchy outfit, the artist gets the strength to escape after she eats a strawberry. Continuing on horror themes, a M3GAN-like girl shows up and leads Perry to a mirror showing her paparazzi as the floor crumbles behind them. As the little girl defeats two Satanic-looking creatures, they enter a garden that looks like it’s from the world of Alice in Wonderland.

  • 4. Chained To The Rhythm

    In what looks like the best amusement park of all time, Perry creates Oblivia. In it, there are attractions such as “The Great American Dream Drop,” “Love Me” rollercoasters complete with heart-shaped loops, and “Inferno H20” gas stations with fiery drinks. The amusement park becomes more apparent that is all a hoax and the utopia is all a facade.

  • 3. California Gurls

    Surprisingly, “California Gurls” isn’t Perry’s most-watched music video. With Snoop Dogg as a feature in their West Coast version of “Empire State of Mind,” the two venture in Katy’s version of Candyland. The video is so whimsical and is quintessential Katy Perry. They even have a gingerbread house with Girl Scouts! Taking a page out of the Austin PowersFembots, Perry straps on candy cane whipped cream to her brassiere and goes wild.

  • 2. E.T.

    In 2010, Perry came out with this out-of-this-world music video with Kanye West. As a CGI Katy Petty alien is twirling through the universe, she transforms into an alien goddess. Scenes of life and death are shown and Perry transforms more alien-like with black eyes,  a white ensemble, and a more intricate headpiece. Her costume design team went all-out for all of her characters.

  • 1. Roar

    We love a tropical Katy Perry. In this 2013 music video, she uses themes from Jurassic Park and Tarzan and is accompanied by the worst type of guy — a self-centered man who leaves her holding the bag (played by actor Brian Nagel). With scary creatures big and small closing in on them, Perry finds her confidence when she evokes her inner tiger. Now that she has accepted her environment, she thrives in the jungle and becomes the Queen of the Jungle.

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