A woman was house sitting for her mother-in-law while she was out of town and finds hidden cameras.  What would you do?

Cameras In The Home

It’s becoming more and more common for people to have cameras around their home for security reasons.  Some people have them inside – to check on pets or kids staying at home, and for security as well. If nothing else, many people at least have a doorbell camera these days.

This story is a bit more though!

The woman admits she’s had a pretty rocky relationship with her mother-in-law, but the hidden camera will make it even more difficult to trust her.

This woman posted on Reddit’s Just No MIL forum.  She explains she and her husband agreed to house sit for his mom while she was out of town.  They had to make special arrangements since the MIL wouldn’t allow their dog to stay at the home.

On the last night of her stay at the in-laws’ house, she was preparing food and tidying up to make their arrival back at home easier.  Upon cleaning up, she opened the wrong cabinet and noticed a camera.  She pretended not to see it and continued cleaning up.

As she was straightening up around the rest of the house, she found six more cameras- all hidden.  She calls her husband to let him know.  He drove over to the house immediately… with the dog.  As soon as he brought the dog inside, they heard the mother-in-law screaming out of one of the cameras to get the dog outside.

The woman said it just feels dirty to know her MIL was able to check in on them from the hidden cameras.

How Would You Handle it?

Some Redditors offered her advice and support, while her husband just feels they should let it go because “what’s done is done.”

Some of the Redditors pointed out that having cameras is fine… but it wasn’t okay for her not to let her son and daughter-in-law know.  Some even say it’s “creepy” and “wrong.”

How would you feel if you were house sitting and found hidden cameras? Violated?  Offended? Creeped out?

Source: Reddit/Just No MIL

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