A while back, I was scrolling through TikTok and came across an account named “The Good Boss” and the video drew me in.  Now, I will say, it’s not uncommon to see some people on TikTok just being flashy and flaunting their wealth.  It’s one thing to do it for fame, and a whole other thing to do it for the sake of truly doing good in the world.  I’ve scrolled past and rolled my eyes at those who come across as fake.  But there was something different about this one… and I hope I’m right.

In the first video I saw, it was “The Good Boss” stopping to talk to a homeless man.  He offered him a job.  Then the journey begins.  The man posted some updates, and Kevin winds up calling him and going to work for him.  Along the way, many have donated to help Kevin with clothing, food, and supplies.  His boss has also gifted him many things as well.

There are a BUNCH of people rooting for Kevin to get back on his feet.  Well, it wasn’t too long into it, Kevin says he needs to get clean.  So, “The Good Boss” goes to work to help get him in a 7 day detox program.  From the updates I’ve seen, Kevin was struggling.  But I’ve loved watching the updates and this man’s dedication to truly helping Kevin.

So it made me wonder… how many people can actually say they have a GOOD boss?  Many times you hear people do nothing but complain about their boss.  And it’s understandable.  In some large companies, the employees are so far removed from the boss, that there’s no real connection.  Employees don’t feel like their bosses know anything about them, much less care about their personal lives.

I am thankful to work for some GREAT bosses.  I often have enlightening conversations on everything from day-to-day life in the radio business, to talking about my dogs, and even mental health.  While I know not everyone has the ideal situation, if you do… be grateful for it!  And if you’re a boss– step back and see if you run your day like a dictator, or a true, passionate leader!

Enjoy a few of my favorite videos so far from @THEGOODBOSSOFFICIAL


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