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Could there be a tax deadline extension possible again this year?  House Democrats are asking for an extension to be considered.

I support an extension!

This is something I can totally get behind.  Because, if I’m being honest, I am the world’s worst about getting my taxes done.  I am a true procrastinator.  And I always have big plans to do my taxes on time– every year.  But for some reason, I just can’t seem to make it happen.

Eventually I’ll schedule the appointment.  Then in a fury, I’ll try to track down ALL of the paperwork required- hunting all the pieces of mail labeled “Important Tax Document”. Seriously, I always think I’ve got every thing together ahead of time. But it never fails.  I’ll be missing SOMETHING!

And let’s not even get started on the need to print things. I don’t own a printer (yet).  I haven’t needed a printer except a few times throughout the year, so I’ve never bought one. Except when it comes tax time and I need to print documents that weren’t mailed out.

My uncle, who used to be in banking, used to help me file my taxes.  After he passed away, I tried to do them on my own.  I always get nervous about that though!  What if I forgot something? Or accidently put the wrong numbers in?  I’m just not sure that stress is worth it.  I did do my own a few times successfully, but that was before I bought a house and other financial things started happening.  Now that I’ve got all that going on, I just prefer to have a professional handle it!

Will there be a tax deadline extension?

Now back to the original thought here- last year they pushed the tax deadline (and yes, I still procrastinated until the last minute).  The House Democrats are calling for a tax deadline extension again this year due to issues surrounding the pandemic.

Which makes sense, right?  Many people were either let go from jobs, left unemployed or had to take a job that paid them less just to have income.  Some people may have jumped job to job or had to take on multiple jobs just to make ends meet.  When you wind up with multiple tax documents, it can be stressful.  I think giving us a tax deadline extension would be beneficial for many people, and relieve some of our stress!

(Source: THE HILL)

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