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Marissa was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio into a very loud, very Italian family.  Right away she learned she had no choice but to find her voice early on and put it to good use! (or else no one would be able to hear her over the Sunday dinner screaming.) From a young age, Marissa knew she wanted to be in entertainment, however, she didn’t start out as the radio-personality we know her as today.  In fact, she spent her college years and four more years thereafter cleaning….. wait for it….. TEETH! Odd transition into radio, right? So how did she get here exactly? Well, it’s simple.  She got tired of the “same spit different day” (see what we did there?) and realized she had to at least take a shot at living out her true passion.  So at 23, she began taking night classes at a Broadcasting school in her new town of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Oh… did we mention she loathed the Midwestern climate?

From there, Marissa interned with Charlotte’s #1 Morning Show and got her first on-air claim to fame by rapping Barenaked Ladies “One Week” live on air—Flawlessly! (Yes, she will do it on command if you ask nicely, and yes, it’s her go-to karaoke choice.)  She was then hired part-time on the Production team, and was later moved to the on-air Night shift.  It seems the rest is history, but in reality, it’s just the beginning!  New doors opened up here in Augusta and Marissa knew she had to seize the opportunity.  We already know her as the fun-loving, karaoke-singing, joke-cracking, up-for-anything, addition to our station, but we now officially introduce the brand new “Not-Your-Typical-Midday-Bae” Host, Weekdays 10-3 on Augusta’s HD98.3!