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Lobster Pho: Hell Yes or Hell No?

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8 Signs That You May Need a Vacation

It's a normal day at work, you've been working fairly diligently until you find your mind beginning to drift away. Soon you're on a beach; you can hear the waves, feel the breeze, smell the water, it's pure bliss... then *BOOM* A co-worker has interrupted your day dream and now you're back to reality. Sounds…

Three Phone Scams That You Need To Watch Out For

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How Big Of A Prince Fan Are You? Find Out Now With This Quiz!

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8 Underrated Prince Songs

On year ago today (April 21), we were all shocked at the news that legendary singer Prince had passed away. To honor the life and talents of the wonderful musician, here are 8 of his most underrated tunes. So, turn up the volume and jam out! He can definitely see you singing from heaven! Related…