Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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Are you obsessed with the organization side of TikTok like I am? It’s one of the most soothing things for me to watch when I’m scrolling through all of the videos on the apps. And because we know how popular it is we’ve put together a list of storage and organization containers that will help your transform your bedroom into an organized TikTok-inspired room. 

  • Makeup Organizer

    If you have a vanity in your room this is something you don’t want to go without. Being able to keep all of your makeup brushes and palettes in one place can be an essential part of organizing any vanity space. This one not only has a lazy-Susan-like quality, but it can also hold a ton of products with 6 trays and 20 silicone rings for you to place your products. 

  • Scrunchie Tower

    We promise we didn’t time-travel you back to the 80s and 90s. Scrunchies are most definitely back in fashion. And let’s just say that we have too many counts. This scrunchie tower is great for keeping them all in one place and doesn’t take up too much room in your space.  

  • Sock Drawer Organizer

    Socks are easily one of the hardest things to fold and organize. Everyone has their own unique way of doing it. And if you’re like me my sock drawer is just a mess always. This organizer helps you put them into a better system. 

  • Wardrobe Clothes Organizer

    This two-piece organizer is great for people who don’t have a large closet or dresser. These are great for putting your jeans, shirts, and other garments that can be folded and tucked into nicely. 

  • Space Saving Hangers

    Another perfect clothing and space-saving hack are these awesome hangers. These hangers can fit up to five other hangers and then you can drop one side which will allow you to have extra space. 

  • Desk & Drawer Organizers

    This set of desk and drawer organizers is great for helping you tidy up any large spaces. Not only have they taken the TikTok community by storm with their versatility is used in the kitchen and the bathroom, but they are great for space-saving. 

  • 3-Tier Utility Cart

    Whether you’re an avid reader like me or you need some space for storage these utility carts are the best. The three shelves are perfect for housing things like plants, books, or other knickknacks. 

  • Foldable Storage Containers

    If you’re looking to swap out your seasonal wardrobe these storage containers are great for keeping your clothes out of the way. They also are collapsible so when they are not in use you won’t have anything bulky laying around the house. 

  • Stackable Cosmetic Drawer

    These stackable cosmetic drawers are wonderful, and you’ve probably seen them a ton on TikTok. The most common use for these is storing makeup or other personal items. They can go on top of your dresser, desk, vanity, or whatever surface you like. 

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