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Must Haves

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If you’re on TikTok and Reels a lot like me, then you probably have seen a bunch of those cordless/rechargeable electric spin scrubber brushes. The ones you see influencers using to clean their bathtubs, stoves, and even refrigerators. Well, I recently received one from Geniani via Amazon and I’m absolutely loving it!

I’ve been looking for one of these for a while. The older I get the more I love to clean, truly. I’ve been looking for new tools to help me clean more efficiently. And listen, while the bathroom is fairly easy to clean, I can say with certainty that my back and knees have not loved having to scrub around the tub just for that perfect clean. That’s where this electric scrub brush comes in. The Geniani Electric Spin Scrubber is easy to use. It comes with multiple brush heads and can be adjusted for 3 different angles to help you reach those stubborn crevices.  

So, of course, I wanted to give you an honest review of the product and all of its merits. Because if you’re like me and you’ve been looking around for a scrub brush like this, you’re probably trying to learn as much about it as possible. Take a look at my thoughts below!


Assembly & Feel of Geniani Spin Scrubber

Right off the bat, I can say that this is incredibly easy to assemble. So easy in fact, you probably don’t even need the instructions, but I do encourage you to look at them as there are lots of good nuggets of information regarding what brush head is good for what type of cleaning. The instruction manual has a lot of helpful tips on sounds to look for as you’re assembling the three main pieces together which I find very helpful. 

If you’re used to mopping, I feel like this scrub brush and a mop have a very similar feel when holding them in your hand. It has an extendable arm that locks into place so if you need to reach some high-up areas of your shower and you’re short, like me, you can!

GENIANI Electric Spin scrubber with large flat brush head

The Brush Heads for Geniani Spin Scrubber

I love that it comes with three different brush heads. They are very easy to change and they lock into place well too. When I used this to scrub my shower, oven door, and refrigerator, I was able to change between brush heads very simply, and I wasn’t afraid that the brush head would fly off during use. The instruction manual identifies many of the places you can use these individual brush heads, which I found incredibly helpful.  

The Corner Brush, which looks like a little cone or paint brush, is what I would recommend using for cleaning a bath tub with tile. In my apartment we have a simple wall-like tub, so I ended up using Dome Brush for the most part, which was recommended, and found it very easy. I have yet to use this on the tile on my bathroom floor or baseboards, but I’m hoping to break it out again very soon and do a very thorough cleaning.  

The Large Flat Brush is the third brush in the set and this was great for cleaning my fridge and my oven. The instruction manual also recommends other flat surfaces such as a wall, hard floors, pools, and even carpets! There is even a phone number if you want to buy more replacement brush heads. So I can guarantee you I’ll be keeping this instruction manual handy in the future. 

Geniani Spin scubber with dome brush head

Using The Geniani Electric Spin Scrubber

I made the mistake of thinking I could jump right in and clean once I assembled the product. Before you use it, you need to make sure you charge the Spin Scrubber. It takes a couple of hours, so I did leave for a little while and come back later. It was easy to know when it was fully charged. The red light on the bottom of the scrubbed was green when I returned. But after a few hours of scrubbing and cleaning it’s still charged so I expect I won’t have to set the charger up often.  

Once on, the brush has a kick to it. I recorded a fun reel for this piece of me scrubbing my bathtub using the Spin Scrubber. And it was definitely hard to do one-handed. I recommend using two hands so you can have a good amount of control over it.  

While cleaning my bathtub and a portion of my oven, I used the 0° feature. My bathtub is very flat and easy to clean so I didn’t need to utilize the other angles. If I wanted to get into some of the corners, I switched from the Dome Brush to the Corner Brush. But only for a few minutes. For the rest of my oven and my fridge, I used the 90° which I loved! I’m sure you all know that wiping down some glass shelves in a fridge is easier said than done. The 90° angle was a really great way to do it. I’m very happy with how easy it was to change from angle to angle. 

Geniani Spin Scrubber Compared To Other Products 

Before I was given the Geniani Spin Scrubber, I used a Chlorox brand push mop scrubber. It doesn’t have an electronic feature so automatically I can tell you the biggest difference for cleaning my tub is that I get it done so much faster. And that was all hand washing and a little elbow grease for my oven and fridge. So the fact that I’m able to clean those three spots so much faster is a lifesaver.  


I don’t have many cons for this product. Other than the fact that you have to wait to charge it before use, which really is just an impatient thing on my part.  

There is only one thing that doesn’t work for me but would work for others. I think if I had a different bathroom, I could give you more thorough details about using this brush to clean grout. Because my apartment has a smooth bathtub, no tile, I can’t fully attest that this would be amazing on your bathtub. But with the way the Corner Brush has worked for the small corners I have, I do think that this will work for cleaning well on tile and grout. My con for myself is that I wasn’t able to use the Corner Brush to its full advantage. But it’s a great electric spin scrubber. 

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