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If there’s one thing I enjoy about the warmer weather season, it’s the amount of concerts we get to experience! Enjoying a great concert throughout the week or on the weekend is one of my favorite things to do.

I am a true music lover, but the thing about live performances and experiencing a concert with some of your favorite people is what really does it for me. No matter if it’s country, R&B, hip hop, or a random band that I just happen to see live… there’s something about live music that just feeds the soul.

This year, I plan to go to any and all concerts that really draw my interest. No matter if I have to travel to the next city, if it is someone I want to see live I am certainly going to do it.

One of my favorite genres of music is R&B. Old school, new school, I love it all. Even though I am far from a talented R&B singer (and I mean extremely far) I am going to go to these shows and put on a performance in the stands.

From the time the DJ starts his set to the time I hear my favorite song on the setlist, I am singing! But, one thing that always gets annoying is finding the right outfit before every show. I know, it’s like what do I wear? I want to be both comfortable but also cute and relevant.

One thing I do love doing is wearing music t-shirts, especially ones related to the artist that I am seeing. So, I decided to take a list at a few of the R&B tours coming up this year and gather a list of some shirt options.

Check out 7 of the best R&B t-shirts I could find for you to wear this concert season.

  • Male R&B Favorites

    Now, this one can be used for a wide range of shows for sure. I know Maxwell is going on tour this year, but some of your favorites are listed so it can work for just about anything. Whether you like Maxwell, Music Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, or Jaheim this might be the shirt for you. It’s just the regular pattern we’ve seen before with names listed, but you can definitely dress this shirt up or down depending on your personal style.

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • Chris Brown Album T-Shirt

    Chris Brown is going back on tour and we all know he can put on a show. This is his second tour in the last few years and people LOVE seeing this man live. I went to the last tour and the outfits were amazing. There were so many styles of Chris Brown shirts that I had never seen before. If you were looking for a new one, how about this one that honors all of his work over the years? Chris Breezy has put out some bangers, so celebrate the albums all in one outfit.

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  • Janet Jackson T-Shirt

    Our girl Janet is hitting the stage again and even if she weren’t this shirt is pretty iconic, so why not get it? If you know one thing about Janet, she was always THAT girl! So get a shirt that’s celebrating that body just a little extra. You can get it in different colors, but the black is pretty iconic. I could see this shirt at a wide range of R&B concerts this year.

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • In My Usher Era T-Shirt

    This one is a little bit different, but it’s a pretty cool idea. Like, think about it… if you wanted to do something a little different for the Usher concert later this year then this is it. While everyone else may have on his face, why not have a shirt that just says you’re in your Usher era? It can mean anything you want, but the man is our tour and did the half time show this year… I think this era for him is pretty lit!

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  • 90s R&B T-Shirt

    It’s something about 90s R&B that really just does it for me. Like, let’s just think about it… those were the days you had everybody singing about love, begging for love, it was all about love. You could relate to both the men and the women singing and don’t let one of the groups come out with all types of harmonies. This 90s R&B t-shirt sorta brings together all of your favorites during that era on one shirt design.

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  • Peace, Unity, Love and R&B

    If you’re an R&B lover then this quote might be the perfect explanation for you and your vibe. Those that enjoy R&B music and really are in tune with that sultry, soft vibe then you have an aura of peace and love surrounding you. This shirt could be dressed up or dressed whether you want to rock sneakers, sandals, or even some heels… make it your own this year at a show.

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  • Vintage Aaliyah T-Shirt

    Even though she unfortunately is no longer with us, Aaliyah surely is still one of the most iconic R&B girlies there is. Her sound still transcends today’s time and her look is forever. Girls will be Aaliyah for Halloween, themed parties, or just naturally have her style and flare. So, even though you aren’t seeing her live an Aaliyah t-shirt could fit in well at any R&B show you may attend.

    Get It Now From Etsy

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