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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Maybe one day I’ll have an epiphany and stop spending hours upon hours scrolling through TikTok, but since that seems to be far away, I had to bring this list to your attention. I’ve gotten sucked into the “restock” side of TikTok. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s basically this super organized side of TikTok that showcases all the items in their house that they restock on a regular basis. And boy does their organization hit a whole new level of envy for me.  

I’ve been down this rabbit hole for about three weeks now and I can’t stop watching, so I did some digging, and here are some of the best TikTok kitchen trends and items that can help you transform your kitchen into what these “restock” influencers have. 

  • Baby Food Maker

    This one threw me for a loop. A baby food maker, isn’t something I need anytime soon, due to no babies in my life. However, I’ve seen the power of these being used as a food processor and I think that’s the selling point. It’s essentially a 7 in 1 food processor with steam, blend, chop, disinfect, clean, reheat, and defrost options.

  • Utensil Rester

    I personally can’t do the ceramic utensil holders my parents had used growing up. I was always fearful of breaking them. So, a silicone one that has multiple slots? Sign me up! The silicone not only makes it less breakable but also easier to clean which is a big plus for me.

  • Bag Sealer

    This is a crazy one for sure, but once I saw people using it I couldn’t unsee the potential! This bag sealer can be great for taking snacks on the go with you. You can easily reseal any bag and keep snacks fresh. 

  • Apple/Potato Peeler

    A crazy invention, but a necessary one. This is an apple and potato peeler that helps you create spiraled, fully peeled apples and potatoes. This looks like a huge time saver, since I feel like I spend so much time trying not to cut myself while peeling potatoes.

  • Spice Rack Organizer

    Now, if you’re familiar with restocking TikTok you’ll know that this spice rack organizer is more than just that. This is an aesthetic people are trying to achieve. This kit comes with the rack to organize, but also bottles and labels so you can put your spices into similar containers. This is part of the reason why it’s so organized because all the bottles are the same size and shape.

  • Dish Soap Dispenser

    It goes without saying that TikTok trends like this are designed to show you how you can live your life a little bit easier. And truth be told, I can’t get enough of this dish soap dispenser. You put the dish soap in the bottom and simply push the sponge down when you’re ready to wash dishes.

  • Dry Erase Board Sticker

    Staying organized in the kitchen is for more than just your items. This is a great spot to keep your to-do list organized. A dry erase board sticker, like this one, can go a long way to help you with reminders, appointments, things you need to buy from the grocery store, etc.

  • Oxo Food Storage Containers

    Welcome to my favorite part of the restock TikTok trend. These Oxo food storage containers are featured quite frequently on TikTok. The reason being that they’re great for storing so many different dry goods. They even make a pasta container! Lots of people find joy in these containers because it keeps everything well organized, but also the clear container is a good indicator of when you’re running low on an item. Much easier than having to open things up before heading to the grocery store, right? 

  • Refrigerator Containers

    Another type of container you might be interested in are these compartment-style organizers. I’ve seen a ton of uses for these. Organizing different cheeses, yogurts, etc. It’s great for saving on space and really helpful for organizing your fridge.

  • Drink Dispenser Containers

    If you like having drinks in your fridge here is a great way to save space while having more cold drinks available. These can hold several cans or bottles of your favorite drink, and work great for easy dispensing.

  • Stackable Containers

    This has to be one of my favorites I’ve seen on TikTok. These stackable containers bring me so much joy when I see them in videos. They stack very easily and help you save even more space. The main key to remember with organizers like this is that it allows you to play an easier game of Tetris in your fridge. These items have similar dimensions so it’s easier to find space and storage for more items. 

  • Pan Organizer

    We’ve made it to my favorite item on the list. The minute I saw this being used on TikTok I practically screamed. We have been shoving our pans into our oven for so long the prospect of even some type of organization made me giddy. This is a pan organizer. It helps you stack your cooking pans, which in my case saves on so much space!

  • Dawn Dish Soap Spray

    This is kind of the coolest thing I’ve seen on TikTok lately. When I first saw someone using it, I genuinely wondered who was using Windex to clean their dishes, because dish soap spray bottles? I couldn’t believe it. But this is something a lot of folks are using. It’s a very convenient form of dish soap that always you to spray all your dirty plates before tackling the cleaning.

  • Egg Container

    The last item on this list is certainly for the brave. These egg containers are another TikTok kitchen trend that I couldn’t fathom at first, but I couldn’t help but include. Like all the other containers on this list this is for helping you save space and providing you a better, more stackable option in your fridge. If you are someone who does find themselves constantly throwing eggs away though, I’d recommend labeling the container with a marker/sticker if you grab one of these.

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