This weekend marks the unofficial kick-off to Summer.  Many of you may be headed to the beach or lake this weekend.  And the beginning of Summer marks when pools are open as well.  Whether it’s a pool at the hotel, your apartment complex or neighborhood, or a friend’s house, there are some unspoken pool rules.  These are simple things you shouldn’t do at the pool to ensure enjoyment for everyone around!

Sure, swimming, floating, or simply soaking up the sun next to the pool is nice. But there are things people can do that really affect the experience for some people.  HuffPost put together a list of the rudest things people can do at the pool.  So let’s take a look at a few of those… and make a note for your next pool day!

Unspoken Pool Rules

  • Using The Pool As A Toilet

    Do we even have to bring this one up? It’s definitely gross and shouldn’t have to be talked about.  But it may just be one of the biggest unspoken rules to address. Restrooms are typically close by, for a good reason — for you to use them, instead of the pool.  For everyone’s health and hygiene, don’t pee in the pool!  And even for the kids– check their swim diapers and take routine bathroom breaks!

  • Making Excessive Noise And Splashing Around Strangers

    Sure, you want to have fun… but so does everyone around you.  Obviously this rule mostly applies to public pool areas.  Screaming and loud music can really affect others’ enjoyment of their pool experience.

    Also, splashing and jumping around strangers can be seen as really rude behavior.  Understand boundaries, and remind your kids to be mindful as well!  This is also a great time to bring up keeping an eye on your kids too.  Don’t leave them unsupervised.

    Group of age-diverse boys and girls, happy friends with swim floats jumping into swimming pool on the vacations

  • Hogging Lounge Chairs

    Again, this is mostly for public spaces.  There’s nothing worse than heading to the pool to find towels, floats, and other items spread across the lounge chairs with no one in sight for hours.  Just be mindful of the space and use only what you absolutely need.

    Sun-lounger and towel near the pool. Background for concept summer vacation

  • Using The Pool With A Contagious Condition

    If you’ve got a rash, foot or toenail fungus, or an open wound… maybe skipping the pool is the best.  You don’t want to put other people at risk.  Don’t assume chlorine will prevent transfer.

    Friends floating in swimming pool

    Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

  • Bringing Glassware

    Respect the rules when it comes to bringing your own drinks… and avoid bringing glass.  It can be a serious hazard if the glass is broken. Also, note that some pools don’t want you bringing alcohol into the pool area.

    Friends having party and dancing in swimming pool. Enjoying in cocktails.

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