Struggling to find tortillas in the grocery store?  This may be the reason! The hashtag #tortillachallenge has 173 million views on TikTok. And it is hilarious!

I actually haven’t been on TikTok very much lately, but the other night I saw a video.  I’m like, what in the world are they doing?! It was a woman and two men, and they all had tortillas.  Next thing I knew, they were all spewing water.  I watched a couple of times.  My fiancé said he’d seen a bunch of videos like that.  I didn’t know it was even a thing until then!

Tortilla Challenge on TikTok

Basically, the challenge involves standing face to face with someone.  You both have mouths full of water.  Taking turns, you each slap each other in the face with a tortilla.  The first person to spit out the water loses.  Sounds a bit violent, and silly.  But I promise you, the videos are hysterical! And honestly, being slapped with a tortilla can’t really hurt that much, right?  I’m not sure… because some of the videos look a bit painful!

Jimmy Fallon even got in on the Tortilla Challenge with Demi Lovato on the “Tonight Show” TikTok Account. See that video and more below (the last one is probably the funniest)!

Other TikTok Challenges

Have you tried the Tortilla Challenge?  Or another TikTok Challenge?  Here’s where I did the Coat Hanger Challenge! Not sure if I want to try the Tortilla Challenge or not!  Pretty sure I wouldn’t last long at all.  It’s always the moments when I shouldn’t laugh, that I can’t seem to hold it in.

As with all social media trends, there are some dangerous ones out there.  Please warn your children about the risks associated with certain trends.  We would never want to see a child (or anyone) injured or killed because of a trend or challenge from social media.

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