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It’s been about a week since the #CratesChallenge began popping up all over social media. We’ve seen many insane and messy (and painful looking) moments of people attempting the very sketchy, very dangerous challenge of clearing stacked milk crates. We’ve seen interesting milk crate stack variations — and the weirder they looked, the harder folks fell.

  • He Thought

    For some reason, this young man believed a running/jogging start would be beneficial in him clearing these milk crates in a parking lot. He surprisingly did perfectly until he got to the highest point, at which it looks like he launched himself off, propelling him to dive face forward.


  • Shorty Raised The Stakes

    Being the first woman to go viral for her crate challenge, this woman cleared the crates in HEELS! Slow and steady won the race here.

  • Ouch!

    One of the harder slams we’ve seen, this guy starts wobbling at the peak, only to have his ribs catch his fall. He didn’t seem to take it so hard, as he rubs his ribs at the end of the clip and gets up quickly.


  • Light Stepper

    There’s a theory going around that those who have been clearing the crates challenge have all been wearing Jordans. They haven’t been wrong yet.


  • Tailbone Shattered

    This man thought heavy Timbs would be enough to clear the crate challenge, but his tailbone ended up paying the price…


  • Sketchy Setup

    Anyone attempting this crate setup is set up for one thing only: failure. The crates are stacked on the sidewalk for a harder, more dangerous fall and the peak of the crates features a double-stack, making it impossible to come down the next level without breaking balance, as this man failed to do here.

  • How High!

    This was a setup for failure, with the middle tier being three crates higher than the rest! Poor girl never had a chance.

  • Parting The Sea

    This guy hilariously made a point to tell the huge crowd to give him some room, and gave the thumbs up when he was satisfied with the space. Unfortunately, once he started to step down, the crates gave way and he ended up getting tossed.

  • Miraculous Clear

    This person started freaking out and began to run as crates fell behind him all the way to the end! How impressive!

  • Crate Surfer

    Probably one of the best clears we’ve seen, this young lad strikes a pose at the top of the crates like a surfer, and barely almost makes it down as crates start giving way — but he does. As he runs off and onlookers celebrate, he lands a backflip!

  • Poor Gran

    Whoever told the elderly this was something fun and safe to do, you’re messed up. This poor old woman’s foot is shaking as she reached the top crate and lands right on her neck in a scorpion position.


  • We Didn't Ask For This

    This guy sucked all the fun out of the crate challenge, turning it into a gym workout.

  • Crate Challenge: UK Edition

    Someone said, “How they use metric system crates?” and we couldn’t stop laughing.

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