Let’s be honest with each other here, who doesn’t love a good biscuit?  We all do and who has The Best Fast Food Biscuits?  That’s the question that has been asked.  Now, down south, we have biscuits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It can be a side, it can be a meal, we can even make a casserole out of biscuits.

The Big Questions We Ask When It Comes To Biscuits?

What flavor of jelly do we use?

Do we like buttermilk or homestyle?

Is it cooked fully or lightly done?

Do we open our biscuit when we put gravy on it?

There are so many questions when it comes to making biscuit decisions.  We haven’t even discussed what protein we put in it: ham, steak, chicken, sausage, or bacon.  We aren’t playing when it comes to our biscuits.

Southern Kitchen did a test to find out who has the best biscuit in the fast food business.  They gathered a group of folks to rank the fast food biscuits from least enjoyable to best.  My question is, how do you get a job like this? I must have missed the help wanted ad for this one.

The judges were asked to rate reach biscuit on a scale of 1 to 5 based on its flakiness, it’s butteriness, it’s appearance, and overall impressions of the biscuit.  Keep in mind, this is one website’s non-scientific test to find the best fast food biscuit.  They did the taste test for fun and of course a reason for each biscuit

  • #7-Popeyes

    Popeyes came in 7th.  One judge called it a “damn fine biscuit”, while others found it be dry and too much salt

  • #6-Burger King

    I personally didn’t know Burger King sold biscuits, but as I’ve found out, it varies location to location.  In the study, All the judges said it passed the eye test and looked very flaky.

  • #5-McDonald's

    I really like McDonald’s biscuits.  The sausage, egg and cheese is the best.  The judges all ranked McDonald’s with high marks.

  • #4-Hardee's

    To me, and this is just me, Hardee’s has the best biscuits.  Just the best. According to the judges, several ranked it in the top of the top and one even said it was the best one.

  • #3-Chick-Fil-A

    Many will debate this one all day.  Their Chicken Mini’s, yes I would debate you.  In voting by the panel, it had the perfect butter, it was flakey, but several judges were not fans of the sweetness.

  • #2-Mrs. Winner’s Chicken And Biscuits

    To some this will come out of left field.  I grew up with a Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits, and they were very good.  This one ranked second best in the study with the judges finding very little to not like about them!

  • #1-Bojangles

    And the best fast food biscuit goes to Bojangles.  Not a shocker at all.  The judges all loved the Bojangles biscuit.  Many of them said it was the perfect biscuit.  Throw in a Bojangles sweet tea and you’ve got winning combo here

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