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So, where are the hardest working people?

There are a lot of stories these days about just how hard it is to find workers.  Workers resigning for “greener pastures”, “quiet quitting”.  But leave it to the folks at WalletHub to find the states with the hardest workers.

Here’s what WalletHub did.  They based the results on 10 metrics in two categories: direct work factors and indirect work factors.

Direct Work Factors:

  • Average workweek hours
  • Employment rate
  • Share of households where no adults work
  • Share of engaged workers

Indirect Work Factors:

  • Average commute time
  • Share of workers with multiple jobs
  • Annual volunteer hours per resident
  • Average leisure time spent per day.

Here are some specific results.  Alaska has the highest average workweek hours, and Utah has the lowest.  Nebraska has the highest employment rate, and California has the lowest.  North Dakota and Vermont tied for the state with the lowest idle youth rate, and Alaska had the highest.

Utah and Oregon tied for the highest annual volunteer hours per resident, and Mississippi had the lowest.

Utah also had the lowest average leisure time spent per day, Wyoming the highest.

A couple of other interesting facts from the research, we work on average, 1,791 hours per year.  In 2021, we didn’t use 4.6 paid days off.

Where Georgia and South Carolina Land

At this point you might be asking, how did we fare when it comes to how hard we work?  Well, Georgia finished just out of the top ten at 11th and South Carolina was 28th.

Here’s the thing, most people I know work really hard, and on many occasions, give back their valuable time off, it happens at the station, I bet it happens where you work too.

Here are the top 10 states with the hardest workers:

  • 10.) Wyoming


  • 9.) New Hampshire

    Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA townscape.

  • 8.) Kansas

    Wichita, Kansas

  • 7.) Oklahoma

    Detail of a US route 66 road sign in a town in the State of Oklahoma, USA. Concept for road trip in the USA.

  • 6.) Virginia

    Richmond, Virginia

  • 5.) Texas

    San Antonio, Texas, USA Drone Skyline Aerial Panorama

  • 4.) South Dakota

    Needles Highway South Dakota

  • 3.) Nebraska

    Welcome to Nebraska

  • 2.) Alaska


    Getty Images

  • 1.) North Dakota

    Aerial View of the Tourist Town of Medora, North Dakota outside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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