Spring has arrived, and if you’re in need of some lawn care tips, we’ve got some right here!

It won’t be long before the beautiful greens of Golf Week start showing up on TV and in photos.  And for those of us in Augusta, we may be feeling the pressure to start sprucing up our own lawns!

Winter is over (mostly… but it is Georgia after all!).  The world starts coming alive again with a variety of beautiful colors.  Flowers bloom, birds sing… and we’re all itching to get back outside.

But, maybe your lawn isn’t quite ready.  Thanks to the folks at Lawn Love, they’ve got some great tips for sprucing up our lawns and bringing in that greener, healthier grass!

So whether you’re just trying to be the envy of the neighborhood, or want to have your yard in tip top shape for outdoor get togethers, check out these great tips!

  • Rake the Lawn

    Lawn Love recommends starting with a good raking of your yard.  This helps loosen matted grass, helps with air circulation and can boost new growth.  They recommend collecting the lawn debris to prevent pests and diseases from causing issues.

    Rake Grass lawn care

  • And Then Treat Pests and Diseases

    Your lawn could be growing fungus! This could spread or even kill your grass.  And of course, pests can cause major problems too.  Seek out effective control treatment to keep your yard in great shape all season.

    Treat Grass for Pests

  • Test the Soil

    A soil test can give you a lot of information about your yard before you waste time!  Knowing your soil’s fertility levels could help prevent overfertilizing, which can be harmful not only to your grass, but to the environment as well.

    Soil tests can find nutrient deficiencies, salt levels, pH imbalances and more.  While home soil tests are available, they may not be the best at giving you accurate results.  Lawn Love recommends sending a soil sample.

    Test the soil

  • Fertilize

    The soil test can give you a great idea about where to start and what type of fertilizer is best for your yard.  Depending on what the soil test finds, you may not even need fertilizer!

    Mid-spring through summer is the best time to fertilize if you have warm-season turf.

    Fertilize the grass

  • Turn on those sprinklers

    Your lawn is ready for some water, so it’s time to turn the irrigation system back on.  Lawn Love points out that how you water your lawn could have significant impact on the health of your grass.  See their helpful watering tips here.

    Water the Lawn

  • Time to MOW!

    The grass starts to grow as spring arrives… and once it gets to a normal cutting height, pull that lawn mower on out.  Reminder- don’t cut too short, or you’ll scalp your lawn!  And growing the grass too high can lead to pests and diseases.

    Time to Mow the Lawn

  • Overseed

    Overseeding is a routine that should be down each spring or early summer.  This is the secret to dense, lush lawns.  It helps prevent patches and thinness before they happen! Lawn Love recommends thatch removal and aeration before you overseed.

    Overseed your grass

  • Sound Like Too Much Work?

    Lawn care is truly a big job if you want it to be done right and look great. If you can’t carve out the time, but want a beautiful lawn, call the professionals!

    Lawn Care Professionals

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