For the most part, people enjoy a great party.  We appreciate them a bit more after spending 2 years in a pandemic and not being able to connect with friends and family.  But not every party is a great part.  This can be due to a few things: poor planning, tight spaces, bad hosts, or… the guests! And unfortunately, it seems South Carolina has some of the worst party guests!

Party Poopers

Have you ever been to a party where someone just killed the good vibes? Looking back, it might be a funny story.  But in the moment, it can really bring everyone down. RTA Outdoor Living set out to discover which states had the best and which had the worst party guests.

And despite “Southern Hospitality,” South Carolina did not rank well at all on this list! Out of the 10 states with the worst party guests, South Carolina was number NINE!

Collecting Data

RTA Outdoor Living hosted a nationwide survey about guests and behaviors. Respondents were asked to rate typical guests on a scale of 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best).  They were also asked about habits expected from party guests, such as offering to help clean up, taking the last of a food item, etc.


The outcome of the survey did not reveal any specific region where party guests are better or worse. You’ve got Tennessee, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Missouri as the top 5 states with the best party guests.

Common Party Fouls

According to RTA Outdoor Living’s survey, these are some of the most common ways not to get invited back to a party. Guests who:

  • Steal things
  • Are belligerent when they drink
  • Start fights
  • Overstay their welcome
  • Have too many enemies

Another interesting find: 33.7% of Americans have snooped through something they shouldn’t at a party.  The top 3 places? The medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinets, and the bedroom.

Now let’s look at some of the rankings for worst and best party guests!

  • Top 10 States with the Worst Party Guests

  • 1. Delaware

  • 2. Nebraska

  • 3. Iowa

  • 4. Oklahoma

  • 5. Maryland

  • 6. Maine

  • 7. West Virginia

  • 8. Mississippi

  • 9. South Carolina

  • 10. Idaho

  • Top 10 States with the Best Party Guests

  • 1. Tennessee

  • 2. New Jersey

  • 3. Wisconsin

  • 4. Hawaii

  • 5. Missouri

  • 6. Arizona

  • 7. Michigan

  • 8. Texas

  • 9. Ohio

  • 10. Minnesota

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