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It may be August, and kids are heading back to school… but we all know summer in Georgia and South Carolina will continue for a WHILE!  And there’s nothing beat on a hot summer day than ICE CREAM!  Conveniently, today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

The traditional ice cream sandwich takes me back to being a kid!  The delicious chocolate sandwich, filled with creamy vanilla ice cream.  As an adult, does anyone else feel like those ice cream sandwiches have gotten smaller?  Every time I’ve had one as an adult, I’m always left wanting more!  Maybe that’s just me!

Which, now that I’m gluten-free, I’m going to have to find some alternative! Maybe I can find something on TikTok…  Thankfully, I can easily find gluten-free ice cream!  So if worse comes to worse… I can always just eat some ice cream.

Here are some pretty yummy-looking ice cream sandwich recipes I found for you to try out, and hopefully that I can make them gluten-free!  Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!