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Marilyn Manson has filed a lawsuit against ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood alleging fraud, conspiracy and defamation against her claims that he abused her during their relationship.

Manson’s lawsuit — as reported by gossip sites TMZ and The Blast — essentially calls into question nearly every accusation from Wood and alleges that she and her current partner, Illma Gore, had a significant role in creating a conspiracy against Manson to end his career.

Here are the biggest takeaways from Manson’s lawsuit:

  • Manson Accuses Wood and Gore of Impersonating an FBI Agent.

    Manson’s lawsuit states Wood and Gore mocked up a letter from the FBI, forged an actual agent’s signature, and then sent the letter to other alleged Manson abuse victims and press members. The letter alludes to how these victims and their families might be in danger. Manson’s lawsuit claims that the actual agent confirmed she never wrote this letter.

  • Manson Alleges Wood and Gore Founded a Fake Nonprofit to Make Money to Fund their Smear Campaign Against Him.

    Per TMZ, “Manson claims Gore teamed up with Wood to create a nonprofit called the Phoenix Act that purported to help abused women, but in reality … was allegedly just a cover for a money-making ploy they were about to embark on against Marilyn.”

    No details were reported on how this nonprofit actually made money.

  • Manson Alleges That Victims Were Persuaded Into Thinking They Were Abused and Given Scripts by Wood and Gore to Make Their Stories Seem More Believable.

    TMZ also reported, “[Manson] claims Gore sent out a bulk email to a number of Manson’s former romantic partners, asking them to share experiences they might’ve had in common with Wood…Once they got some people in their orbit, Manson and co. claim Wood and Gore then started to persuade these women that they had, in fact, been abused by Manson during their time with him … by insisting their trauma was buried under repressed memories. Manson then claims Wood and Gore started systematically coordinating the women’s allegations … with checklists and even scripts Manson alleges were being produced, distributed and hammered home by Wood and Gore, all in an effort to make the allegations more believable.”

  • Manson Claims Gore Posed as Him Via Email and That She and Wood Made up a Story to Slander Him.

    Manson alleges in this lawsuit that Gore posed as him by creating a number of fake email accounts “…and then fabricated correspondence full of compromising content — including pornographic material, threats, admissions, etc. — that Manson says were explicitly being exchanged as if it was him.

    Additionally, he says Gore and Wood made up a story alleging child abuse/pornography against Manson regarding a short film he made at some point in the ’90s that featured a minor female. Manson says this woman in the film was 22 and not underage at the time of filming.

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