One of the greatest TV shows EVER has to be the Andy Griffith Show.  I didn’t know it at the time but the Lessons Learned From The Andy Griffith Show, I still carry in my life today!

The simple life of Mayberry, North Carolina is a life I’d trade it all for today.  “The Andy Griffith Show” ran from 1960 to 1968. It was the only show that was still number one when it ended.  Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee, and Opie felt like family.

The Cast Of The Show

  • Goober Pyle – The Town Mechanic
  • Floyd Lawson – The Town Barber
  • Helen Crump – Andy’s Girlfriend
  • Thelma Lou Beasley – Barney’s Girlfriend
  • Howard Sprague – The Momma’s Boy Insurance Agent
  • Emmett Clark – The Town Fix It.
  • Ellie Walker – Andy’s First Girlfriend and Pharmacist.
  • Ernest T. Bass – Wild Crazy Moonshiner that LLLL UUUU VVV SSS UUUUU)
  • The Darlings: Briscoe Darling, Charlene Darling and the Darling Boys – Moonshiners and Bluegrass Players.
  • Clara Edwards –  Best Friend of Aunt Bea.
  • Ben Weaver – The Grouchy Ole Landlord and Businessman
  • Deputy Warren Ferguson – The Not So Smart – Huh? Yea! – Huh? Yea! – Huh? Yea!
  • Leon – Remember the Peanut Butter Snot Nosed Quiet Kid.
  • Rafe Hollister – Local Farmer and Moonshiner Extraordinaire
  • The Fun Girls – Daphne and Skippy – The Party Girls that Really Messed with Barney.
  • Asa – You have to remember the old security guard at the Mayberry Bank – His Gun Would Fall into Pieces

The show had so many life lessons that if you watch closely, you’ll find things that you use in your life today.  I know I Do!

The Lessons Learned From The Andy Griffith Show.

  • I Do Believe In Opie

  • Music Was Important-Got Time To Breathe, You Got Time For Music

  • Welcoming

  • Open-Minded Conversations With Your Kid

  • History Lesson

  • Christmas In Mayberry

  • Andy's Advice On Ladies

  • Andy Helped But Didn't Make Barney Feel Bad!

  • Relaxing

  • Andy Also Listens

  • And Then, Then There Was Barney

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