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Kim Kardashian speaks onstage at the 2023 TIME100 Summit at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 25, 2023 in New York City.

Kim Kardashian can make you laugh without even trying to. Being an active poster with her daughter North West on their joint TikTok account, Kim and North, the SKIMS mogul often joins in on dance routines and pranks. In November 2021, the mother-daughter duo debuted their TikTok page. Now, the two boast a whopping 16.7 million followers on the social site.

For North, pranking and roasting her mom has long been one of her favorite pastimes. As we previously reported, Kim revealed that her daughter intimidates her more than anyone. The Kardashians reality star, who also shares daughter Chicago and sons Saint and Psalm with ex-husband Kanye West, has called North Kanye’s “twin.” When it comes to Kim doing unboxing videos for Instagram, North has hilariously called her mom out for her tone of voice. Back in September 2021, North interrupted her mom's makeup haul to ask, “Why do you talk different?” Kardashian replied: “For my videos, I’m the same human being. I don’t talk different. How do I talk different? Guys, do you think I talk different when I’m talking about contour?”

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Both North and her cousin Penelope Disick were in the bathroom with Kim, agreeing that she sounds like she is talking in a different tone when talking to her hundreds of millions of followers. When Kim asked the girls how she sounded, North delivered an accurate impression of Kim’s high-pitched voice, with Penelope seen chuckling in the background. Kim posted a collage of folks on X (formerly Twitter) loving North ragging on her mom to her Story, saying things like, “‘You always say you’re glad when you’re mad,’ by Ms. North West,” and “Not North clocking Kim for her business voice.” Kardashian’s minimalistic style isn’t safe from North, either. Her daughter has complained when Kim wears too much black. “North is very opinionated when it comes to what I’m wearing,” Kim said in March 2022.

Take a look below at Kim Kardashian’s funniest TikToks:

  • The Memories

    In this TikTok video, Kim hilariously shakes as Daniel Caesar’s “Get You” is playing. In the short clip, North, as usual, upstages her, but Kim does her best to do a close-up “weird” face for the TikTok.

  • Kim Titans Go!

    Using audio from the animated Teen Titans Go! series, Kim hilariously puts her arms up like a cat’s. The SKIMS founder then jumps up and down and throws her arms up in the air in the playfully adorable and crazy clip. As if things couldn’t be any more chaotic, Kim wears an alien filter perfectly when the audio says: “alien princess.”

  • Friday Night Dance Routines

    Though Kim isn’t purposely trying to be funny, her attempts at doing a TikTok dance with North is hilarious to watch. Uncoordinated and off beat, Kim kicks her legs out the sides of her black robe and when she crosses her arms to kick her legs forward this time, the combination of all that plus the big sunglasses she wears is absolutely hilarious. To top it off, she tries to adjust her falling hair at the end of the clip.

  • Bird Talk

    Here’s a TikTok that was meant to be funny… and it actually is funny. North and Kim go back and forth using birds chirping as the audio, in a sassy conversation. North does steal the shine with the dramatics, but Kim’s minimal gestures are hilarious in itself.

  • Horsing Around


    In this TikTok from February, North hilariously pranks her mom. North opens her mouth up to scream, but when it’s Kim’s turn, a loud horse neighing plays, which causes her to be embarrassed and hold North as the two laugh.

  • British Chav

    Kicking off 2023, Kim gave herself a makeover, er, a make-under with this “British Chav” look. Sharing quick clips of her hair-and-makeup transformation, Kardashian showcased the extremely heavy look, which features her over-lining her eyebrows thickly, and concealer that is shades way too light for her skin tone as she obnoxiously chews gum. The term “chav” comes from a Romany word, “chavi,” meaning “child.”

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