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Keanu Reeves attends MOCA Gala 2022 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA on June 04, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Keanu Reeves’ heartwarming interaction with a young kid at an airport has gone viral on social media. Keanu was in London to reportedly film a documentary and the Matrix star was approached by a young boy after their flight landed in New York, who then proceeded to ask the actor a “series of rapid-fire questions.” The encounter was described by TV producer Andrew Kimmel in a Twitter thread that quickly went viral.

“Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to NYC today,” Kimmel revealed. “A young boy asked for an autograph at baggage & then began to fire off a series of rapid-fire questions. Keanu happily responded to every single one…”

“Kid: Why were you in London?

KR: Filming a documentary.

Kid: I saw online you were at the Grand Prix (pronouncing the x)

KR: Yes, the Grand Prix (in a French accent, without correcting him). F1! Race cars!

Kid: Do you drive?

KR: Not F1, but I like riding motorcycles.

Kid: Do you live in NY?

KR: I live in LA.

Kid: How long are you gonna be in New York?

KR: Four days! No… five. Five days!

Kid: Why are you in NY?

KR: Gonna see a broadway show!

Kid: What broadway show?

KR: American Buffalo! Mamet!

Kid: Where are you staying in NY?

KR: Midtown!

By this time the kid was running out of questions, so Keanu started grilling him. ‘Why were you in Europe? What galleries did you go to in Paris? What was your favorite?'”

Kimmel concluded his thread by giving the actor kudos for being so nice, “especially after an international flight. I thought I’d share this because the dude is a class act and little moments like this can make such a big difference in people’s lives. We need more Keanus!”

Folks on Twitter replied to the Twitter thread with their favorite Keanu stories that made them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Take a look at the best Keanu interactions and appreciation tweets below:

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