For Aaliyah Kikumoto, who is now known as The Masters Girl,  it all started in Augusta.  This : 15-second video from 2023 Masters has made her a star and it started with a TikTok video.

So, the internet did what the internet does. It found her and turns out she is a 19 year college student and cheerleader at Texas Tech University. And she was seen  on TV standing behind eventual 2023 Masters winner Jon Rahm at the 16th tee at Augusta.  Aaliyah had no idea any of this was going on because of the no phone rule.  So she got back to the car to head to dinner only to find out she is an internet mega star.

Her friends were blowing her phone up with the video you see above, which now has over 4.8 million views.   Her Instagram followers went from around 4000 to 30,000 in 48 hours.  Now her IG is  up to 42 Thousand.  But, of course, the internet trolls were out too saying “Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame,” and more.

Look who’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Isn’t Over

To all of Aaliyah’s trolls on the internet, look whose 15 minutes isn’t over yet.  Aaliyah has now signed with a model agency, “BSX Media,” and she is already a spokesperson for the clothing brand “Princess Polly,” as well as a brand ambassador for Celsius Energy Drink.

Aaliyah, take that 15 minutes of fame, run with it, and make the most of it! And let’s not forget double.bogey on Tik Tok and his crush on you or none of this would have happened.

Let’s look at what has happened since Aaliyah’s visit to August.

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