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I had a Disney adventure last week!  I’ve been to the most magical place on Earth twice.  The first time I was 7 years old and don’t really remember much.  The second time was on a high school trip when I was 15.  That trip was pretty fun because our teachers basically just let us loose in Epcot at 11:00 AM.  Their only instructions were to be back on the bus at 10:00 PM after the fireworks.  That was a pretty fun day, but going to Disney as a full-grown adult is awesome.  My wife and I went with my family.

We all arrived at separate times on Sunday.  We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and took the Skyliner to The Boardwalk which is right next to Epcot.  The Boardwalk is free to get into and has some awesome bars.  I highly recommend AbracadaBAR.  It has very fun speak-easy and magician vibes.  Monday we all met at Epcot and began drinking around the world.  We started with a beer in France after the Ratatouille ride.  It was Noon and gorgeous outside.  By the time we got to Morocco, we got another beer which was conveniently located next to Princess Jasmine’s place.  It was here when we realized that we were going to spend all of our money in one single country.

Once we got out of Morocco, we stopped for a sake slushy in Japan, ate a Mickey pretzel in America, visited a witch in Italy, and suddenly realized one country was about to take all of our money; Germany.  Germany has a Christmas store called Ye Old Christmas Shoppe.  It had the prettiest ornaments I’ve ever seen.  Not only did we take care of a good chunk of our Christmas shopping, but we also upgraded our ornaments.  The best part was that Disney shipped everything to our house because we flew.  It all took a week to ship.  Once we got out of Germany it was time for dinner.  That’s when things started getting intense.

We stopped in Mexico for a Paloma and tacos.  At this point, the sun had set and we were near the big rides like the test track and a new rollercoaster called, Guardians of The Galaxy.  The Test Track was a blast.  I rode the first version of that ride back when I was a teenager.  It’s still a thrill.  Guardians of The Galaxy, however, I didn’t handle it well.  It’s a type of coaster that constantly spins you in multiple directions while you’re going through multiple turns.  I ended up closing my eyes for half of the ride.  It was fun, but it certainly disoriented me the rest of the night.  After a full day of walking and drinking around the world, it was time to go back to our resort.  And that was just day 1 at Disney.

Day 2 began at Hollywood Studios and I was in love the minute I walked in.  I have zero recollection of visiting this park at any age.  It was like walking straight into the 1940s or 50s.  It’s also another park you can enjoy adult beverages in.  This park was my favorite of the trip.  We started in Toy Story Land, worked our way over to Star Wars, stopped off and watched a Muppet Matinee, and watched Santa come through in a parade.  Rockin’ Rollercoaster was my favorite ride and unfortunately, we never made it to Hollywood Tower of Terror.  Two days down, two more to go.

On day 3 we took a bus from the resort to Magic Kingdom.  It has to be the most beautiful structure on the planet.  Walking into that park and staring at the castle was the height of nostalgia for me.  As far as rides go, I had no idea what I was in for.  We rode Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Thunder Mountain Railroad.  My wife called that, “conquering all the mountains.”  We watched the gorgeous fireworks show while riding on the Tomorrowland Speedway.  Before we left we took a million pictures in front of the castle because it was all lit up.  As we exited through all of the Christmas lights we started talking about day 4 with the animals.

We wrapped up our park adventure at Animal Kingdom.  We went on a safari, got chased by dinosaurs, and almost got thrown off of a rollercoaster by a Yeti.  The last ride we rode was a virtual motion Avatar ride.  We rode on the back of a banshee and it was pretty wild.  The best part of that ride was just relaxing and taking in the gorgeous views that the ride gave you.  Once this park adventure came to an end, we headed back to the resort for a couple of beverages by the pool while the kids swam.  Our Disney trip had come to an end.

If you take a trip to Disney, always remember that you can’t do everything.  Whether it’s just you and a friend going or you’re going with family, it’s a lot to take in.  Check out some of the photos of my adventure below!  I had a Disney adventure last week!  You should go have one too.



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