LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 22: Bridgerton cast attend the "Bridgerton" Series 2 World Premiere at Tate Modern on March 22, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Lia Toby/Getty Images)

It’s been less than a week since season two of Netflix’s hit show arrived, but have you ever wondered the real age of your favorite Bridgerton actors? I know I have, and was surprised by many of the true ages!

Bridgerton season one was a HUGE hit, topping the list of Netflix’s most popular shows. And no doubt, season two will be just as exciting too!

Personally, I’d forgotten that it dropped… but remembered late Saturday night.  I started watching Sunday, but since the episodes are an hour or so a piece, I haven’t finished yet.  I have to watch in chunks.  In the mornings, I’ll turn it on from my iPad while I get ready… which almost makes me late for work some mornings!

I’m about 5 full episodes in.  And just like last time, I’m hooked.

As I was scrolling the internet today, I stumbled on an article about the cast on the Irish Mirror.  Do you know the REAL ages of the actors in the show?  I was quite surprised by some of these.  Of course, I know actors and actresses often portray characters that aren’t their exact age.  But for a few of these actors, there’s a significant difference.

I could only hope that if I was selected to play a role, it would be for the part of someone YOUNGER.  Because what woman wants to be seen as OLDER than she actually is?

And for my Bridgerton superfans… we need ALL of these items!

I’ll share a few of the ones that surprised me the most… and you can see the rest here. Let’s start with some of the main characters from season one!

  • Violet Hastings

    She’s played by Ruth Gemmell. As the matriarch of the Bridgerton family, and young widower, the site says Violet Hastings is 48 years old in 1813.

    In real life? Ruth Gemmell is 54.  To play someone 6 years younger must feel good!

    You may also recognize her from Fever Pitch with Colin Firth.


  • Simon Basset - The Duke of Hastings

    In season one, we find that the Duke of Hastings is 29 years old.  The role is played by Rege-Jean Page, who is now 34 years old in real life.  Not a huge difference there.  Also, sad note- he won’t be returning to the show in season two (although if you’ve binged it all by now, you know that!).

  • Daphne Bridgerton

    The first season is based on the first novel, “The Duke and I.” The year is 1813, and Daphne is 21 years old.  In season two, a “year” later in 1814, she’d now be 22 of course.

    In real life, Phoebe Dynevor, was 24 at the end of filming of the first season.  On her birthday in April, she’ll be 27. Definitely would not have expected that age gap, as Dynevor looks very young!

  • Edwina Sharma

    Edwina is new in season two, but has a major role.  In the show, it seems she’s around 17 or 18, and her sister, Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley, is around 26 years old (same age as she is in real life).

    Edwina is played by Charithra Chandran, who is actually 25 in real life! Quite another surprise, as she plays the role of the younger sister very well!

  • Penelope Featherington

    This one may be one of the most surprising for me! Penelope, Eloise Bridgerton’s best friend, is in her late teens for the show. Her role is played by Nicola Coughlan, and it’s not her first role as a teen! But in real life? She’s 35 years old (and was 34 during filming for season 2).

    And, Eloise? She’s 18 in the first season… played by Claudia Jessie, who is actually 32 years old!

  • Queen Charlotte

    During the period this series is set (1814), Queen Charlotte is 70 years old.  She’s played by Golda Rosheuvel, who is only 52 years old in real life.  And although I’d be insulted to play a role of someone 18 years older, it’s also impressive that her acting led her to securing this awesome role in the show!

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