Celebrating National DJ Day

We couldn’t let this day get away from us without celebrating some of our favorite people.  Call us biased… but, we LOVE our DJs.  We are blessed with some great talent here in the CSRA, and we don’t take that for granted. And we can’t forget about our listeners! Because, without you, we wouldn’t have jobs!

Every year, National DJ Day is celebrated on January 20th. It’s a day to celebrate amateurs and professionals.  Throughout the years, the roles of DJs have changed a lot. And, maybe we don’t call them DJs as much anymore… but, we still love to celebrate their role in our communities and lives.

Coming from on-air talent, we love connecting with you all.  It’s an honor to be welcomed into your homes, work places, cars and everywhere in between (thanks to our apps, you can take us across the world!).

In honor of this super special day, we’re sharing some cool facts about this national day!

  • 1909- The First Disc Jockey

    The first DJ came as the result of an experiment on live radio! Ray Newby, a 16-year-old boy in California, played some records from a small transmitter.  This was LONG before Disc Jockey/DJ became a term.

  • 1935- The Term Disc Jockey Coined

    One radio commentator, Walter Winchell, was the first to use the term disc jockey to describe music broadcasters.

  • 1950s- A Breakthough

    Alan Freed broke the norm, and played a mix of blues, country and R&B.  He called it rock and roll.  He even arranged live concerts, which would bring in racially mixed audience.  This was revolutionary!

  • What Does a DJ Do?

    Depending on the type of DJ, they may do various things.  In today’s world, the term DJ is more used for those who curate playlists and sounds for parties and weddings.  In the radio world, we tend to think of ourselves as more of “on-air personalities” these days.

  • How Can We Celebrate?

    Call your favorite station!

    Have a dance party!

    And don’t forget to shout out your favorite DJs and radio stations on social media!

  • DJs make us HAPPY!

    Your morning show is often what gets you up and going in the morning!  Sharing great music, funny stories and more to get you ready for the day!

    Of course, DJs bring the party!  When’s the last time danced at a wedding or celebration?

    And of course, DJs share MUSIC!  Music is something that everyone can relate to in some fashion.  Plus, DJs can introduce you to new music… and set the tone for your day!  And let’s not forget that music can help with stress and bad moods.  Next time you’re in a bad mood or stressed, find some music that makes you feel GOOD!

  • Our DJs and On-Air Personalities

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