The Georgia Guidestones were located in Elberton, Georgia, about an hour and a half drive from the CSRA. According to the Elbert County Chamber Website, the story of the Guidestones is a bit strange. Robert C. Christian, a middle-aged man, approached the president of Elbert Granite Finishing Company, Inc. wanting to buy a monument. He knew exactly what he wanted and laid out his plan and measurements.

The History

The size of the monument had never been done in Elberton before.  But Christian agreed to the price.  He also explained his plan for the monument.  Christian told the president of the granite company that he represented a “small group of loyal Americans who believe in God.”  And despite not living in Georgia, he wanted to “leave a message for future generations.”

Apparently, Christian had his plan for this monument for 20 years. And the group he represented wanted to remain anonymous. In fact, Robert Christian was not even his real name.  The website claims that the man at the bank who needed Christian’s information is the only person who ever knew his real name.

The design Christian presented closely resembled Stonehenge in England.  The monument was made from Pyramid Blue Granite from Pyramid Quarry.  The pieces of the monument weighed around 28 tons.  Once the pieces were made, Charlie Clamp, a sandblaster, was chosen to inscribe the “message.”

Why Georgia?

Why did Christian choose Georgia for the location, even though he didn’t live there? Apparently, his great-grandmother lived in Georgia, but also the availability of various types of granite and the climate were contributing factors as well.

The specific spot was a 5-acre piece of land north of the City of Elberton,  It’s the highest point in the county and in range of sunrises and sunsets in summer and winter. Many engineers and astronomers were brought on to  determine the best placement for the monument.

Unfortunately, the Georgia Guidestones were damaged due to an explosion that occurred around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022. Both the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are investigating the incident.

Here are some recent tweets from the GBI on the explosion and investigation:

  • Unknown Individuals Detonate Explosive

  • Explosion Destroys Large Portion of Monument

  • Surveillance Footage

  • Video of Explosion and Car Leaving Scene

  • What Was The Message on The Georgia Guidestones?

    According to the Elbert County Chamber, this is the English translation:

    “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature; Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity; Unite humanity with a living new language; Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason; Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts; Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court; Avoid petty laws and useless officials; Balance personal rights with social duties; Prize truth, beauty, love … seeking harmony with the infinite; Be not a cancer on earth — leave room for nature — leave room for nature.”

  • Everyone Has A Theory

    Any search you do on the Georgia Guidestones will tell a different story.  Some believe the stones to represent the New World Order.  Others simply claim they are “satanic.”

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