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Can you believe it’s been a full week since HD’s Summer Breeze?  Thank you for coming out to this amazing show and thank you so much for listening to us every single day.  As we start looking ahead to next year, I can assure you that we are already looking at how to make this event bigger and better for you.  You deserve to see the artists we play every day and there’s no reason to go anywhere else to see them live.  While it was pouring down rain, I had the opportunity to sneak over to the Columbia County Performing Arts Center and interview Clyde Lawrence of the band, Lawrence.  Unfortunately they were without Gracie.  However this band still brought a ton of energy, spectacle and absolutely killed it on stage.  Clyde and I talked about performing without his sister for the first time, the band’s style, and he told me an amazing story about a particular t-shirt he only wears on Fridays.  Check it out!

  • Lawrence Is So Fun!

    Lawrence on Stage

    These guys put on a great show, and kept the crowd entertained!

  • Clyde, Blaine and Fenway

    I forgot to ask where he got the Snoopy shirt.

    HD 98.3's Summer Breeze