It won’t be long before all of our holiday shopping and madness is over.  And those days after Christmas and into the new year are actually a great time to save some money!

Hopefully, you haven’t completely wiped out your bank account for the holidays.  Because this is the time of year you’re going to score big on certain items!  put out a list of 8 items that will be cheaper after Christmas!


  • 1. Holiday Décor and Treats

    Most aren’t surprised by this one! We all know the prices drop dramatically on lights, garland, trees, ornaments, cards and more. It’s a perfect time to replace some older holiday decor, or add to your collection.  You might even think about grabbing some items for next Christmas for stocking stuffers and more!

    Personal favorite- artificial trees.  You will rarely find them marked down as low as they will be after Christmas!

  • 2. Box-Set Gifts

    All of those pre-packaged gift sets that didn’t sell?  The demand goes down, which also means the price usually does too! Grab these for yourself… or use them for upcoming birthdays!

  • 3. Toys and Games

    Stores were stocked full of toys during the season… and those that didn’t sell, they’ll be ready to get rid of! It’s a great time to plan ahead for birthdays and save some cash too!

  • 4. Holiday Wear

    After New Year’s Eve, you should be able to find great deals on formal wear!  Plus, you’ll also find deals on holiday clothing (think ugly Christmas sweaters, holiday themed apparel and PJs).

  • 5. Bedding and Towels

    January is a great time of year to replace or add to your linen closet.  A lot of stores hold “White Sales” in terms of bath and bedding early in the year!

  • 6. Winter Clothing

    While it may seem winter is just getting started, many retailers start bringing out spring apparel in late January.  That means they’ll be marking down prices on the winter wear! Everything from sweaters, coats, hats, gloves, even boots and slippers.

  • 7. Candles

    This will mostly be in relation to holiday scented candles, or any that are in festive packaging.  But, candles are an item that won’t go bad (as long as they aren’t stored in the heat), so grab some for next Christmas for yourself or to give as gifts!

  • 8. Gaming Consoles

    These are much less likely to be on sale after Christmas… but since they have been extremely hard to find with everyone buying them up for gifts, you may actually be able to find them in stock!

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