I talk a lot about my dog Zoe, but my cats Camu and Riff Raff have just as much personality and are also very clever manipulators.  Camu will howl and meow until I do something for him.  If I’m making a sandwich he wants some ham or turkey and he’ll prop up on my leg, which is his form of begging.  He also likes to stand at the door that leads to our garage and yell until one of us lets him out.  Of course, as soon as you let him out he wants to come right back in.

Riff Raff is the youngest of the two and that’s exactly what he sells.  Sometimes Zoe will attempt to chase after him and he’ll yell and meow and cry like the world is ending, but also not move a muscle if she tries to chase him.  Riff Raff also has a shower routine, sort of.  If one of us is drying our hair after a shower, he immediately jumps up on the toilet and asks for pets with his cute little head tilt.  Cats just know how to sell cuteness and trick humans, making them smarter than us which is scary.  Watch how far Susan the cat goes to manipulate her human.




  • Camu.

    Camu is 10-is and he and my wife adopted me in Greenville, SC.  This is his begging face as well as ham inquiry face.

    Camu begging

  • Riff Raff.

    Riff Raff is seven and we adopted him in Knoxville, TN.  He will always and forever think he is the baby.  He is the larger of the two cats weighing in at 18 lbs.

    Riff Raff

  • Brothers.

    It’s hard to get a photo of Camu and Riff Raff together because they bother each other a lot.  At the end of the day though, they know that sticking together makes them way cuter than a dog they are not amused by.

    Cat bros 2

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