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Britney Spears attends the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City.

Britney Spears has taken her dancing video content to another level. The pop star usually dances in dresses or very low-rise shorts, but ever since the Spring, her bottoms have gotten even smaller. Posting, deleting, and reposting to her Instagram account, which has 42.1 million followers, the singer has been wearing bikini bottoms in her dance routines.

The “Gimme More” singer has been wearing different styles of bikini bottoms, with two that have been seen on repeat occasions. The first is a bright pink tie-string bikini, which she has worn with a white cropped long-sleeve top. In some videos, she is barefoot, while in others, she wears white pointy boots to match her blouse. The other type of bikini bottom Spears wears often is a very low-rise alligator print, showing off her hip tattoos and, at times, her butt crack.

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On top of repeating some of the same outfits, Spears often posts herself dancing along to the same song on multiple occasions. Sometimes it looks as if the videos were taken on the same day, but she just edited the clips differently. Other times, it seems as though the singer would be on a kick for a certain song to share different dance routines with her followers. Since Spears and Sam Asghari, announced their split, her video content has become even more sexual in nature. Her bottoms have gotten smaller, her outfits more sexy, and she has posed topless. The singer even acquired a portable stripper pole podium and hung out with five shirtless guys. Per Daily Mail, Spears is ready to return her diamond engagement ring, which Asghari reportedly got for free. A source told the publication, “Sam can have that ring. It was free from the jeweler and she doesn’t want it anymore. She has enough diamonds.”

Take a look below at Britney’s dancing videos in her bikini bottoms.

  • As Most Say

    On April 16, Britney posted her first bikini-dancing videos. She featured the 2001 song, “Principle Of Lust: Sadness/Find Love/Sadeness (Reprise)” by Enigma, as she spun around and around and around in a white cropped blouse and pink string bikini bottoms. With the abrupt cuts in her video edit, along with the eerie singing in the song, Britney’s high-energy dancing makes for one bizarre video. She captioned the post: “As most say – very CUTE,” but we think most would say very WEIRD instead.

  • Who Got The Sauce?

    A few days later, on April 18, Spears posted another video dancing in bikini bottoms. This time, she wore a yellow crop top paired with low-rise gator-print bottoms and black pointy leather boots. She had fun choreographing a dance to Naïka’s 2021 hit, “Sauce.” In the clip, she seems to have fun lip-syncing the catchy lyrics. Towards the end, Britney gets cheeky and slaps her butt and gives the camera the finger.

  • Spinning in Pink

    Spears must be on an Enigma kick, as she featured yet another song, “Sadeness” on April 19. She wore the same outfit as she did in her first dance video, but this time, she added white leather pointy boots. This time, she did some voguing hand movements.  What is “Sadeness” about? Some fans believe that the title refers to Marquis de Sade, a French novelist whose sexual activities gave us the word “sadism.” He believed sex had to be painful in order to be pleasurable.

  • Pumped Up Kicks

    On June 11, Spears reposted this video “from two months ago” as inspiration for how she wants her body to “look like this again.” Questioning why she deleted it before, Spears said she’s still processing half of her clothes being gone. She tells her fans in the caption: “I haven’t been shooting like I use to AT ALL because all my favorite purchases were in that suitcase !!! I had all my attire in there.” This time, the singer paired her white top and boots with lime green low-rise bottoms.

  • Maria River Red

    On the Fourth of July, Spears danced along to Santana’s “Maria Maria” while wearing her white cropped blouse and boots with pink side-tie bikini bottoms. Spears looked extra weird on this occasion, making awkward hand gestures and facial expressions. At one point in the video, she turns to the side and starts gyrating. Then, she randomly puts on a big straw hat and plays air guitar.

  • Stand Up

    Exactly one month later, Spears turned up the energy with Ludacris’ “Stand Up.” While wearing a cheeky white and brown tie dye print bikini and black leather boots, Spears captioned the post, “Show the mammas my a– next time I see them !!!” The singer repeatedly looped herself strutting away from the camera towards a pool.

  • Little Pissed

    On August 10, Spears admitted that she was “a little pissed this day.” While wearing a white cropped blouse and teal snake-print bikini bottoms, Brit kicked off the video with a jump and a twirl. It quickly got intense, as she was spinning around and even smacked her butt towards the camera while flipping the bird and sticking her tongue out.

  • Leopard Pole Dancer

    Revealing to her fans that she recently got a fuschia-colored dancing pole recently, the artist said she has never been on it before. While wearing an elaborate leopard-print bikini with matching mesh gloves, Spears fittingly set the song to Nine Inch Nails “Closer.” Though her spinning was minimal and less than impressive, Spears humped the pole and dropped it down low during her provocative dancing session.

  • Divorce Dance

    On August 19, Britney broke her silence on the news of her split from husband Sam Asghari with a video of her dancing in a low-rise, lime green thong. She paired it with black leather boots and a black cropped blouse and a tied black fabric around her neck. While dancing to Janet Jackson’s “If,” Spears sang along to the lines, “If I was your woman, the things I’d do to you. But I’m not, so I can’t, then I won’t, but if I was your girl.” There were a few points in which Brit would grab her buttocks and shake them in front of the camera, too.

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