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Happy New Year! Do you have a Word of the Year?

We are already almost a week into 2022… how are you feeling?  I know 2021 (and 2020) was tough for a LOT of us, me included.  While I know life has it’s ups and downs, I am hopeful that 2022 brings us all much better things!

Every year, at least for the past few years, I’ve come up with a Word of the Year for myself.  I usually ruminate on a few words leading up to New Year’s Day.  And, then it always seems the right word become clear through some random way.  Whether it’s showing up in something I’m reading, in a social media post, or someone says the word and it just clicks!

Last year, my word was Abundance.  It showed up quite a bit early on in 2021.  But, I think I lost my focus on it mid-year.  Despite that, I will said I was abundant in many things last year.  One was being blessed with my new job here at Beasley Media!  It brought an abundance of learning, new friends and co-workers, and even some challenges along the way.  Not that challenges are a bad thing!  It’s how we grow.

This year I was really struggling with what my word would be.  In all honesty, my mental health has been REALLY bad for the last year or two.  In 2021, I took action to start working on that.  Sometimes it’s hard to admit we have a problem, but it’s necessary if we want to change.  I scheduled my doctor’s appointment and started the process of healing ME.  It will ALWAYS be a work in progress for sure.

So, what is my Word of the Year?

With all the steps I’ve taken for my mental health, it’s led me to the word MINDFULNESS.  Be sure to check out what areas I’m working on Mindfulness below!

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Here are the things I want to practice more mindfulness in this year:


  • Being Present

    I’ve been doing a LOT of reading.  I love personal development books, and always have some book I’m itching to order on Amazon.  A few books I read last year were all about being present.  Being in the moment.  How often do we live on autopilot?  Just going through life without really being in tune with the world around us, and what’s going on in our minds and bodies?  This year I want to work on being mindful of where my thoughts are.  Worry and stress come from living in our past or future… but the only thing that should matter is the moment we’re in RIGHT NOW!Being in the moment

  • Working Out

    In 2022, my goal is to be mindful about my workouts!  I’ve been pretty consistent in the gym for a few years (but still have the days I struggle).  This year I want to take it to another level!  I typically weight train 5 days a week.  The goal for 2022 is to continue to build on what I’ve accomplished, while also upping the intensity for more results.  I don’t want to look like a body builder, but I definitely want to continue to tone up and show some MUSCLE! 🙂  I also am a runner, and try to run a minimum of 3 days a week.  I’ve been pretty consistent with this lately, but want to keep it up.

    Girl in gym with dumbell and water bottle

  • Meditation

    I don’t know about you… but my mind is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE! All the time!  I’ve been trying to start meditating.  I say “trying” because it takes some practice and effort.  Some days are better than others.  This kind of goes back to just being present.  I’ve found that sitting quietly and taking deep, intentional breaths have really helped alleviate some stress and helped me relax.  My goal is to do 5 minutes or so each day!

    I also have been incorporating at least 20 minutes of yoga DAILY since mid-September, and I want to continue doing that this year!  It’s a great way to stretch the body and calm the mind!

    Woman sitting and meditating

  • Eating

    I will NEVER be someone to “diet.”  I don’t believe in restricting yourself that much.  Because, unless you can stick to that diet for a lifetime, chances are your results won’t last.  I believe in watching portion sizes, and moderation.  If I want chocolate, I will eat chocolate! But if I told myself I couldn’t have chocolate… what’s the ONLY thing I’d think about? Chocolate!  I admit I am not the healthiest eater, but I do want to be more mindful of what I’m eating.  Again, focusing on portion sizes and how the food I eat makes me feel.

    I’ve also been pretty bad about eating quickly.  I just scarf if down without much thought.  Instead, I want to eat more slowly (they say this also keeps you from overeating because you’ll realize you’re full sooner).  And, I want to focus on enjoying the food I’m eating as well!

    Woman enjoying a plate of food

  • Relationships

    How often do we put relationships on the back burner?  It’s easy to let things slide when you’re busy and stressed.  We get caught up in the day-to-day stuff, and before you know it, you haven’t put any effort into your relationships.  This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships.  It’s everyone in your life.  I will say I make an effort when I’m with my family to put my phone down and really be present with them, since I don’t get to see them often.

    My fiancé and I make it a point at restaurants to put our phones at the end of the table and not touch them during our time together.  It’s amazing to look around and see so many couples and families ignoring each other, completely enthralled on their phones or tablets.  Let’s get back to COMMUNICATING!  That’s what helps keep your relationships strong.  While at home, we aren’t as good about putting our phones away, maybe that’s something to work on in the new year.

    Whether it’s friendships, family, or a romantic relationship, they take time and effort.  This year, I want to practice that mindfulness with everyone in my life.  Focus on really listening and being present for those people I love!

    Check out this photo of my family at Christmas!  These are my people!

    Picture of Blaine's family at Christmas