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There wasn't much... but we made the most of it!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful, safe wintry weekend in the CSRA! Here’s a little Winter Weekend Review from me!

Friday Night

Friday, when I saw we were going to get some snow, I was beyond excited.  Not for myself!  But, for my 5 year old pup, Harley.  She’s never seen snow before, and as silly as she is, I couldn’t wait to see how she’d react.

Usually, I go to bed pretty early, but I managed to stay up until it started snowing!  It was so funny to watch Harley.  She walked out on the patio and kinda looked around like, “What in the world?” We went to bed pretty soon after that though, and I was hoping some would stick around for Saturday morning.

About 3 a.m., my lab, Cody, woke me up and I figured he needed to go out.  Now, I’m blind as can be without my glasses… so when I went to the back door, I didn’t think there was much of anything. Harley yet again looked a little confused, but went out to potty and ran right back in.

Saturday Morning

Once we got up on Saturday morning, I took them out to play.  Cody hasn’t been feeling the best, so he wasn’t too interested in playing.  Harley was her usual wild self though.  I managed to scape some snow/ice mixture off of the grill and show her a snowball.  She was definitely confused when I threw it and it disappeared!  She and Cody both enjoyed tasting the snow for sure!


On Sunday, me and my fiance took them to get their first pup-cup!  I originally was going to take them on Christmas Eve before we went to look at Christmas lights, but Starbucks closed early and we didn’t make it.  With Cody getting older and having some bad days, I want to make sure to give him some fun experiences.  So we rode over to get the pup cups.  They both love to ride, although Harley tends to get a little anxious/antsy and whines and paces.

We got the pup cups, and the guy at the window talked to them. (They LOVE attention).  I held on to the pup cups until we got home… which is probably a good thing.  Because they made a little bit of a mess!  But overall, they both really enjoyed their treat! And we all had a great weekend, lounging around the house, watching some TV and just relaxing!

Check out some photos from the weekend… and a video at the end of them enjoying their pup cups!

  • Saturday Snow!

    A little peek at the little bit of snow we got in North Augusta!

    Snow in Blaine's backyard

    There wasn’t much… but we made the most of it!

  • Snow

    Snow in Blaine's backyard

    Again… not much!

  • Blaine's Pups Checking Out The Back Yard!

    Blaine's dogs in the back yard with snow

    Harley’s first snow!

  • Front Yard

    We had to check out the front yard too.  Kinda disappointing, but we still had fun!

    Blaine's front yard

    Had to see if there was any snow in the front yard too!

  • You know it's a big deal to get snow in the south...

    We had to write everyone’s name in the snow! LOL

    Cody's name in snow

  • Harley!

    Harley's name in snow

  • Sunday Fun Day!

    Riding to get our first Pup Cups! Sweet boy!  Cody will be 12 in May.  He’s still my goodest boy though!

    Cody riding to get Pup Cup

    He loves to ride, although his sister tends to get a little too excited and in his way!

  • Mama's excited too!

    Excuse the messy hair and no make up!  Haha, Sunday is my lazy day!

    Blaine with Cody in Jeep

    While it can be a bit crazy with these two sometimes, I know how much they love to ride… and I love to make them happy!

  • Riding!

    Trying to document the experience… It’s tough with these two!

    Blaine and her pups in the Jeep

    They both seem to know when I try to take pictures… so it’s hard to get them both looking at the same time!

  • My Harley Girl

    She is the sweetest thing… but can test my patience sometimes!  I tell her all the time that she better be glad she’s so cute!


    This silly girl… she whined and “talked” the whole 2 miles there. LOL

  • Waiting in line

    My Cody bug, waiting patiently in line… although he had no idea what for!

    Cody waiting

    The line was a bit long… so we had to wait, but Cody didn’t seem to mind!

  • The Pup Cups!

    Pup Cups

    I decided we’d take them home to enjoy… which was a good plan!

  • After Their Pup Cup!

    Scroll down to see the video!

    Blaine's dogs after their Pup Cup

    The aftermath… although they pretty much cleaned it all up on their own!