A great Saturday night with my favorite people!

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope all of the moms had a great Mother’s Day Weekend!  Mine was great… so I figured I’d so a quick little Mother’s Day Weekend Recap for you.

Friday Night

David went to pick up my stepdaughter on Friday.  He gets her every other weekend. Thankfully, this week he was able to leave to get her a little earlier (she lives 2 1/2 hours away, but her Granny does meet David halfway on Fridays).  They got home a little after I did on Friday night.  Alexis had just gotten back that morning from a school trip to Washington, D.C.  So we got caught up on a few highlights of her trip.

Mother’s Day Gifts!

Then David handed me the last part of my gift (the others had come earlier in the week).  It was the last book that was on my Amazon Wishlist! (Scroll down to see the other books I got!).

Then, Alexis went to grab her gift for me.  And I failed to get pictures! But, she got me a couple of bags of Reese’s, and a candle that smells like one of my favorite things: The Beach!  She also got me an awesome Mother’s Day card.  Since we don’t have her very often, I don’t always think of myself as a “mom.”  But I have been a part of her life since she was about 3 or 4!

Saturday’s Adventures

On Saturday, I got up and did my usual routine: walked the pups and got in a little run.  I also desperately needed to clean my house.  So I knocked that out, while David washed the vehicles.  Then I helped him clean and vacuum out the vehicles.  By lunchtime, most of the chores (except ALL. THE. LAUNDRY.  If you know, you know!) were done!  So we decided to head out for lunch… My choice!  And I, of course, picked my all time favorite!  Then the evening got really interesting… I got to experience my first ever BULLFIGHTING event.  Not bull riding.  Bull FIGHTING! Keep scrolling to see photos and a video!

See below for the full itinerary for my Mother’s Day Weekend!

  • My Favorite Lunch

    Didn’t get any pictures at lunch, but they took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant- Monterrey in North Augusta!

    Ate a lot of cheese dip, and then ate a cheesesteak burrito and beans!

  • Time for Ice Cream

    We just happened to take a different way home… and it put us right by Pink Dipper!  It’s become a popular spot for us!  I got Birthday Cake ice cream in a waffle cone, and it was delicious!  My step daughter got the same flavor, and David went with Snickers!

  • Bullfighting

    Experienced something completely new to me: Bullfighting!  The funny part?  I bought the tickets on Friday night, after a friend of ours invited us.  The whole time I was thinking Bull RIDING!  Nope, it was bull FIGHTING! The event was down in Swainsboro.

    Quite different.  It was both exciting and terrifying.  Those bullfighters are incredibly brave to put themselves out there and TRY to get the bulls to charge them!  Very impressive, with quick foot work and some cool flips and tricks.

    There was also the “ring master” who kept us entertained between rounds. Perhaps my favorite part was him bringing his dog out to show off some awesome agility skills!

    Overall it was a lot of fun!  Although 3 or 4 of the bullfighters did get hurt.  That was scary to watch!

  • Bullfighting Photos

  • My Gifts!

    I jokingly call myself a nerd all the time.  Because I LOVE books!  And David managed to get ALL the books I had on my Amazon Wishlist for Mother’s Day.  I’m a very happy girl… now just have to decide which to start with first.  (And yes, I like books with strong language in the titles… don’t judge!)

    Stack of books Cody got for Mother's Day

  • Mother's Day

    The weekends we have my stepdaughter, Sundays are pretty much spent on the road.  We have to make the 2 1/2 hour drive back to take her home.  Both of our families live close by there too… so since it was Mother’s Day, we made some additional stops this time around.  First stopping to see David’s mom and dad. Then headed to see my mom and dad.  Got to spend a little bit of time there, before heading back to South Carolina to get ready for another busy week!

    Here’s a picture of me and my mom!

    Cody and her Mom

  • Can't Forget My Other KIDS!

    Of course, I couldn’t forget to share my other babies!  My fur babies!  I’ve been a dog mom for… almost 12 years now.  My lab turns 12 on the 25th of this month, and my Presa mix just turned 6 in April!

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