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It’s my birthday week!

The older I get, I tend to feel less excited about my birthday.  Because who really wants to think about getting older?! But then again– age is just a number.  And you’re only as old as you feel (and some days I feel 20… other days it’s like 50).  At least that’s what they say.

But, just because I don’t get quite as excited about birthdays these days, doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel good to have people acknowledge your special day.  And I have definitely been blessed already! My actual birthday is tomorrow (Friday, November 12) but all week I’ve been receiving some special treatment.  On Monday I got a surprise from Shannon (one of our Account Executives here at the station) with some Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes (YUM!).  My boss, who knows my love of personal development books, got me The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne (if you haven’t read The Secret by her… definitely do!)

Now my fiancé had already surprised me with new wheels and tires for my Jeep a couple of weeks ago.  So I told him I didn’t need anything else (I’m always awkward about people spending money on me… and I rarely spend a lot on myself!).  But… he tells me he’s grown– and he will buy me something every day if he wants.  Haha.  So Tuesday he wound up getting off work early.  When I got home, he had me close my eyes and he brought in another gift.  He’s like me, when he buys a gift– it’s SO hard to wait to give it to the person.  He got me a bunch of new workout clothes– which I definitely was in need of.  We go to the gym 5 days a week, and he knew some of mine have been around for a while.  He also got me a really nice coat too!

Then Wednesday, Becky, our Digital Sales Manager here at the station, brought me a coffee from Dunkin.  And then one of our road crew members, Josh, brought me more Christmas Tree Cakes and some of the Little Debbie North Pole Nutty Buddies!

Talk about spoiled!  These little gifts and gestures have meant the world to me.  And even if I’m not always the best at showing my appreciation– I hope they know how much these things have made me smile this week.  I am truly blessed.  I’ll be honest– it’s been a hard year (or more) for a LOT of us.  So I am so incredibly thankful for an amazing fiancé and awesome co-workers who have made me feel special this week.

While I don’t NEED anything else for my birthday, if you were to ask me… These are a few things I’d say!

  • Anything Dog Mom related!

    I am a HUGE dog lover.  But you knew that, right?  My two fur babies are my world.  So when it comes to shirts, hats, accessories, jewelry… anything dog mom related– I’m down!  Blaine Dog Mom

  • Massage

    Remember where I said I don’t spend a lot of money on myself?  Well, this is an area that I should indulge a little bit!  Between working out/running, holding a lot of stress in my neck and back… plus having scoliosis, I have a good bit of back pain.  On top of that– who doesn’t enjoy a good massage to relax?!

  • Personal Development Books

    I LOVE to read! But when it comes to the type of books I read, it’s almost ALWAYS personal development.  You know how I said it’s been a hard year or more for a lot of us?  I’m always looking for ways to better myself and help get my mind right.  Because we live in a world that can drag you down in a heartbeat.  So learning strategies to be stronger mentally is something I truly enjoy!


  • Workout Clothes and Accessories

    My fiancé did get me some new workout clothes!  But you can never have enough, right?  I workout pretty much every day of the week in some capacity, so I go through a lot of athletic wear.  Plus, when you have AWESOME workout outfits– it can make your workout even better.  Or is that just me?

    Athletic Wear

  • Running Shoes

    Again– I don’t like to spend money on myself, but when it comes to running shoes, it’s important to have quality shoes.  Which unfortunately can be kinda pricey!  I learned my lesson the hard way last year.  Wearing old running shoes that were way past their prime… I wound up with a broken foot.  So, yeah.  I’m always down for a new pair of running shoes!

    woman running in workout shoes

    Photo by Viktoria Gavrilina/Shutterstock

  • Manicure or Pedicure

    Another self care thing that I haven’t done in AGES! It’s always nice to be pampered though!

    Mani Pedi

  • Salon Visit

    I’ve got the itch to get my hair done.  So a trip to the salon for a cut is definitely on my list.

    Hair Cut salon

  • Bills Paid!

    I’ve seen numerous things throughout the years about what adults want for Christmas… and it’s like– pick a bill. Ha. Remind me again why as kids we wanted to grow up so fast?  Paying bills is unfortunately a part of being an adult.  So instead of buying me more things– cash is king, right?